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  • During some initial testing, its helping my site quite a lot. I had a lot of external scripts, large images on my homepage, and just by setting up CDN. My load time went from 10 seconds to about 3-4 on average.

    And so far, I think (not that I checked for it) I have been charged once $0.17 for the week my site’s been up.

    One thing I read everywhere is try to use your own subdomain CNAMEs and avoid using the domain name Cloudfront gives you (mostly for SEO purposes).

    Other than that, its actually been pretty good, just don’t expect to change your style.css after activating cloudfront. I had some issues getting it to read my editing in style.css.

    Yeah, I’m always tinkering with the CSS so I think I’ll only do the images for now… that seems to be the biggest slow point by far (as far as I can tell!)

    Incidentally… how does w3 know that there’s a new image? Let’s say I write a new post… does the image automatically get uploaded to Amazon?

    Anytime you insert an image into your media library, (while writing a post or otherwise) it gets pushed to CDN automatically. After installing W3 and activating CDN, if everything is setup correctly, when you go to Media Library, there will be an additional option if you hover over the image (Purge from CDN) i.e. if you wish to remove an image from CDN.

    So, W3 will push all your new uploads to CDN by itself. In addition, you can install plugin to make the size of the images you upload smaller by ripping out the unnecessary info from image files.

    Very interesting…. so, if for some reason I decide to get rid of the CDN one day I won’t suddenly have tons of broken images, right?

    No, because, you should still have a copy of the image on your hosting server. As long as you don’t wipe out your uploads folder, you should be fine…

    Although, be careful of minify, I had that bugger give up on me twice and my CSS didn’t work at all. It could work for you fine, but in my case I had too many issues with it so I turned it off and ended up compressing my CSS manually most times.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Yes it helps quite a bit even if you’re physically close to your server and it creates the same low latency effects and additional scale for all of your other site visitors.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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