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    I have just completed my first WordPress driven site for a client (so much nicer to develop with than doing so from scratch!) and have decided to take advantage of the W3TC plugin. It seems to work fantastically except for the fact that it totally disables the site in Safari iOS (both iPhone and iPad).

    The site works fine on both devices when I deactivate W3TC, but as soon as it is activated, even with none of it’s features enabled, the http request returns no information at all to the browser. Strangely though, the sites admin area displays fine.

    At first I thought this might be theme related so I switched from my thematic child theme to thematic, and then tested with the 2011 theme as well and still, no dice. I paired both my iPhone and iPad through Adobe Shadow to see if I can get any information and there is absolutely nothing being returned to the browser.

    Obviously, I’m a little blown away. The plugin looks great, and I really want to use it, but I have to get this sorted considering the number of users who have iDevices.

    Anyone have any idea where to start on this one?

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  • Hi!
    The problem you are having is well known issue that occurs while using W3TC and serving different versions of the dom to different devices.
    Basically, it has to do with the way the W3TC plugin works. Basically, what the plugin does, in very simple layman’s terms, is store a processed version of your PHP code (i.e., the HTML output) and deliver that version to site users so as to reduce processing time and resource usage.
    The following article explains how to use WPTouch (which is a plugin that delivers a mobile-friendly version of WP sites) along with W3TC, so you might get some ideas from that reading as to how to solve your pb.

    Thanks Marventus.

    I will have a read of the article and see if it leads me anywhere. I have seen many posts regarding this particular issue but I’m not actually using the WPTouch plugin as we aren’t going ahead with a mobile version of the site.

    My problem is that the server won’t deliver any information to the mobile browser. This only actually happens in iOS as far as I can tell. A friend of mine tested the site on his android phone and it loaded correctly.

    I will have a read none the less and see what I come up with.



    I followed the instructions in the article provided and there is still no site appearing in iOS. Hopefully someone out there has an idea on what to do next.


    One more bit of info before I head to bed… I checked the log file, and this is what I find.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function w3_url_format() in /path/to/site/wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/lib/W3/Plugin/PgCacheAdmin.php on line 213

    Not quite sure what to do about that one. Anyone have some advice? I’m not a server wiz so this is a little above my knowledge base.


    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m sorry for the trouble. The quickest solution if this is an urgent issue for you is to go to the user agent groups tab and disable both user agent groups and W3TC will hopefully stop interfering. If it doesn’t and if you want to get rid of any other related errors please contact me for the latest development version. Trying to do more testing than ever prior to releasing.

    Hi Frederick

    Thanks for your help. I scoured the net trying to find a solution before contacting you as I assume you are incredibly busy with support requests coming from all over the place.

    Your suggestion did, indeed, enable the site in iOS devices.

    Looking forward to the new release, as the plugin is pretty amazing. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people in saying that you are doing a mega job. Keep it up!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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