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  • I was an happy user of W3 total cache for two years.
    Even if I even considerated this plugin too complicated in settings, it was working well but we all know the last update is a total failure.
    Unfortunalety, ten years later and the bugs are still not fixed …
    so, like lot of people, I stopped to use W3 and replaced it by Hypercache which is working faster and easier.

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  • So let me make sure I understand correctly. For two years you reaped the benefits of an outstanding plugin at absolutely no cost to you. The most recent version’s minify appears to be broken for some users. Frederick has released a development version that appears to have fixed this for most users, its available here. All this and you consider the plugin a “total failure”?

    Sorry, but it seems to be you should be a bit more grateful that anyone would take the time to develop a superb plugin and release it for free.





    The extent to which some people take the idea of open source software is amazing. Somehow they’re entitled to complain without contributing one line of code.

    I think the authors of this plugin should begin charging for it, even it’s just a couple of bucks, in order to recover the time invested in delivering such an outstanding package.

    Anyone interested in minifying, compressing and concatenating their code can do it easily. See this post:

    @alex : first, you don’t know if I didn’t support the plugin … second, when you make the choice to do a free plugin, you assume the choice. third, W3 has never been free but it’s a way to get paying customers for a better service (that’s the reason why the config is messy). fourth, the htaccess code has always been messy. fifth and last point, when you release an update, you test it BEFORE to unleash it … that’s not FEW people who got their site broken and LOST their time, that’s a LOT of users who are concerned. Fix released 24 hours later isn’t working and if a dev’ version works, they should release this one to make it available for everybody and not only for the people spending their time on the forum.

    Thanks @captatio your rant simply validates my previous post. The fact that you lack the technical skills to configure it properly or read the detailed and exhaustive documentation does not take away from the fact that it IS free.

    Enjoy Hypercache.

    @captatio Before hyping up hypercache, you might want to go run some speed tests because once configured correctly, nothing will out perform W3TC configured correctly. This is my speed test with proper config which isn’t even possible with hypercache:

    You would be better off reverting back to a dev or previous version until the corrections are made, but abandoning one of the best optimizers around is not the course of action I would recommend.

    @alex : I am skilled enough to know the truth about this plugin, thank you. Every user knows the configuration process isn’t easy for basic users just to sell the W3 service. But this is not the problem … the problem is WHY DO THEY RELEASE A BUGGY VERSION ? Can you reply to this point Alex ? When you are responsible, you take the time to test, not only to work … and you apologize when you do something BAD.

    that’s not because the stuff is free (but not totally, a free plugin doesn’t offer a pro version or pro service) that you can do silly things like release a version full of bugs, even more when your plugin is popular and you made your reputation telling supercache wasn’t so good than totalcache.

    @morris : I can find you several test on Google who tested the combo hypercache + dbcache reloaded which is working great especially for underpower server …

    @captatio Are you seriously that much of a conspiracy theorist that you believe a “buggy” version was released with the purpose of breaking everyones site and collecting more money? If you are going to accuse someone of not apologizing make sure you know what you are talking about, a public apology was posted back on May 10th here.

    I for one am extremely grateful for the countless hours of development AND FREE support Frederick has provided since I started using the plugin.

    Enjoy Hypercache, I am sure they are lucky to have you as a user.

    Alex … don’t try to troll with me. I never said that. I only said the developper did an AVERAGE JOB on this UPDATE and he didn’t post ANY explanation on the WORDPRESS forum which is the MAIN STREAM to inform WORDPRESS USERS : the truth is you are related with the W3 team and you try to defend W3 total cache or your friend which is okay. I just hope users will get a working version … now, I am satisfied with Hypercache like I was happy with Supercache before Total Cache appeared. The good choice is always related to the period : total cache was the best plugin before but now there are many features, the dev’ team release unperfect version and that’s not compatible with my philosophy of a good job.



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    Closing this topic to allow everyone time to calm down a little.

    @captatio: Please treat other posters with respect. Disagreeing with you is not trolling.

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