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  • Hi!

    I am trying to use w3-total-cache plugin on multi-site sub-folder setup. I am using a switch_to_blog() function to show featured posts from different blogs on the main blog front page of my site. When I enable w3 total cache on my site all the sub folder sites work properly but image from the featured post from different sub folder site which were being shown on the front page of the main site disappear. I did view source and found that incorrect URL is being created for the images from sub-folder sites. For some reason w3-total-cache is not able to detect that images belong to sub-folder sites and are just being shown on the main site using switch_to_blog() function. URL for images which is being created by w3-total-cache plug-in is trying to fetch images from image folder of the main site (i.e. wp-content/upload…) while images are present in the image directory of the sub-folder site.

    Please let me know if there is a way to fix this problem. I am not able to use this excellent plugi-n just because of this problem.


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  • switch_to_blog()

    Will be handled in an upcoming release. As for the rest of those functions, I’m not aware of complications.

    My problem with the plugin is that, say one activates it one the main site of the multisite installation,, and then tries to add another blog, say – but the caching plugin does not recognizie the url as belonging to the different blog and caches it and makes WordPress return an 404 page from the main site.

    Hear me F.T.?

    Just another empty to post in order to notify me of followup posts via e-mail.

    I got my problem fixed my de-activating the plugin after creating the new blog with WP Multisite


    I have the same problems with cross-blog functions, if i activate the W3 Total Cache plugin in my WP multisite, but i think i have spotted the problem (i hope).

    The problem is in object cache. So this is what i do. i enable the page cache, minify, database cache, browser cache (or any cache feature u want) but not the Object Cache, and then i delete wp-content/object-cache.php (i dont need it since i disable it). The plugin now working like a charm. The cross-blog functions like get_blog_permalink(), get_home_url(), get_blog_option() works fine.

    But actually i really want the object cache works too, since it will greatly increase my site performance.

    Frederick, i hope you find the best solution for us.

    This is a great plugin.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    There’s a trac ticket out about this…

    I ran into this problem and found that adding wp_cache_flush() to the page you’re using switch_to_blog() on fixes the URLs.

    Definitely not a fix, but just giving people options to get their URLs working again.

    Running into the same problem with switch_to_blog completely not working when w3tc is turned on. This is a horrible situation for us as we just fininshed developing a site where switch_to_blog is used often and that relied on w3tc during the last months.

    I hope there will be an update soon that fixes the problem.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    @helmi, I was about to test this with the plugin. If you use wp_flush_cache() AFTER you’re done with the switch to blog calls, it works perfect.

    but this flushes the w3tc cache, doesn’t it?

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    Theoretically, just the object cache. Not ideal by any means, of course. Alternatly you could use RSS.

    RSS is no option unfortunately as we use switch_to_blog to fetch the wp menu from another blog and some more complicated post feeds.

    I’ll try this workaround. Frederic answered on twitter that the bug fix release will be there “soon” but he didn’t define “soon” unfortunately 🙂



    I’m getting this too with the switch_to_blog. I’m glad there is a fix on its way.

    Better handling of this is coming in the next release.

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