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    I’ve read multiple articles saying that W3 Total Cache is network/multisite compatible, but that you need to activate it per site. Well I’ve tried to do that, and it almost works, but the minify upload is greyed out for some reason. I’m also running into some other issues.

    I’m running WP 3.0.4 Multisite. I’m also using the Blog Template plugin from WPMU that allows me to create a site template and create new sites that are copies of the template. I have everything setup and working correctly on the template including W3 Total Cache. I then try to create a new site from the template and get the following problems.

    – Upload Minify Files button is greyed out.
    – I get a warning stating that the .htaccess file could not be modified (this has already been setup)

    So now I’m trying to troubleshoot and figure out if somehow I can determine what the issue is when I create a new site.

    1. So I delete the site that I previously setup (
    2. I deactivate the W3 Total Cache plugin on the site template ( and then create a new (which now has a different blog id, since it increments every new creation).
    3. I go into the CDN settings for the new and somehow the old settings are there.
    4. I search my DB for any signs of these settings, but come up with zero leads.

    So now I have more questions… where are the settings from W3 Total Cache being stored? I do not see any DB tables for it. The only table I find is wp_blogid_w3tc_cdn_queue which is created for each new blog and there is no data in it.

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  • Well immediately after writing the previous message I figured it out. W3 Total Cache creates a PHP file and a folder of the settings it uses for each site in wp-content. Since I previously create it had created a file and folder in wp-content. So even though I was creating a new site, since it had the same name, it was pulling the settings from the old files. I think you only need to delete the php file if you run into the same issue as me. I went ahead and deleted the folder just in case.

    Here’s what I did to create a new site from my site template after initial setup.

    1. Deactivate W3 Total Cache in your site template
    2. Create a new site
    3. Configure settings for new site

    This is helpful info. Would you be able to suggest a way to enable an older site?

    What do you mean by enable an older site? Are you running multisite?

    Have you figured out whether there’s any way to have the plugin configured and activated automatically (without errors or other confusion) when a new user signs up and creates a new site under WP 3.0.4 multi?


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