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  • Hello there.

    The other day i installed w3cache plugin on my vps server, that was a huge mistake, my blog and my server just stop working at all, why? w3cache was creating multiple html files/temp above 70 gb and beyond!! (my blog is only 20 mb). consuming all my cpu, memory, disk space.
    after talking a lot with HG we found the w3cache problem, desactivate it and everything was back working like a charm.

    anyway, i moved to another host, made a clean install of WP, installed w3cache and BANG! memory leak, blog down, server down. restart all services and deleted w3cache.

    why is that? im having no problems with super cache.
    w3cache file on disk are having a big problem, i tried enhanced, basic disk cache, but non of it works.

    please, Enlighten me!

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  • I’m glad I read this.

    My blog was incredibly slow and kept returning internal server errors.

    Deactivated W3 Total Cache and it’s working perfectly with good performance.

    WordPress 3.3.1 with W3 Total Cache

    where did you find these temp files?

    I’ve been running w3tc on a dedi for a month now, getting google pagespeed ranking of 99 and no temp files.

    first my site was really slow and tons of internal server error.

    i took a look at VZ and i saw disk space up to 70 GB!!! all process burning the server.

    dont remenber well, but i think was w3tc, inside some folder with tons of files.

    must be some bad config for cache files, HG and Mediatemple. no problems with super cache until now.

    Last version of WP clean install (only w3cache plugin).

    There may be a conflict with the plugin/s.

    You may have tried to deactivate all the plugins and enable W3 Total Cache to see if the issue was something to do with W3TC alone.

    I’m glad that your site has no problem with WP Super Cache.

    hi there.

    it was a clean install of WP. Only w3cache plugin installed.

    wp super cache do the work, but permalinks using category dropdown and search didnt work, thats why i tried w3cache on 2 host clean install (my client want category dropdown).

    also tried changing themes for default with no luck.

    Asked HG and MT for help (email from HG):
    Thanks for contacting us. I’m impressed that W3 Total Cache take that much space! For your server, I recommend WP Super Cache instead. It uses less overhead, and is smarter about how long it keeps files around. The default settings that come with it are also very well suited for a hosting environment like yours. In particular, it has a configurable time after which cache files are removed, and the default value is one hour. W3 Total Cache requires manual clearing out.

    my blog its 20.000 to 30.000 visitors p/day.

    I’ve experience a similar issue as well and it could be the same memory leak. It may be more related to the more recent version of WordPress as we had no issue until updating.

    For reference we utilize MemcacheD between two webservers that are behind a load balancer and utilizing Varnish, but we started getting CPU overload for no apparent reason. Disabling W3 Total Cache fixed the problem.

    We then activated the plugin but only one caching mechanism at a time and have found activating Page Cache, Minify, and Database Cache but NOT Opcode Caching works fine. We may disable Database Cache as it looks like it may be a little slower activated in our case.

    W3 Total Cache is not updated to the latest wp version 3.3.1.Then why did you installed an unsupported plugin to your blog.Wait until they update!!

    Here is my blog.Im on shared server.After upgrading the wp to 3.3.1, i have deactivated w3 total cache..
    Lets wait for their update.



    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m not not clear why this is being called a memory leak? The issue is that garbage collection of expired cache files is not working properly. One of the quick fixes is to reduce the “Garbage collection interval” to 1800 for example to increase the likelihood that old files are cleaned up.

    I’ll look into improving the garbage collection algorithm going forward.

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