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  • I’m trying to track down an issue with the new thumbnail system in WP using w3tc with CDN enabled. I submitted a bug report a week or so ago and received your reply. But I still see the problem.

    This issue may not be directly related to w3tc doing anything wrong, but could be something that could prove to help with compatibility in future releases.

    On my homepage (www . sucka . net) I have a image rotator that cycles through the 3 latest posts in a specified WP category. When I create the post, upload the images and set the thumbnail image, everything is being placed into the CDN (self hosted cdn btw) correctly. When viewing the post itself, the images are correctly loaded from the CDN.

    However if you view the homepage with firebug enabled, the images in the rotator are still being loaded from the main site.

    I have a sneaking suspicion this is pretty much isolated to my theme and the links being set in a static fashion that w3tc isn’t aware of. I’m not exactly an expert with the inner workings of WP and themes but I can usually dig around and find this stuff. But I can’t seem to nail this one down and figure out what exactly is causing it.

    Other than that, w3tc f*cking rocks. I’ve managed to cut my load times down from an average 6-8 second load time to about a 1-2 second load time (depending on the size of the images on the home page). Server cpu utilization is practically non existent, only time I see the CPU do any real work is when the xcache garbage collection occurs.

    The last two things I need to address is one large jquery file (not related to w3tc) and this image rotator thing which may or may not be related.

    Thanks for your work on w3tc, it’s truly a great plugin! Can’t wait for the future releases.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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