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  • Memcached is just a large hash table of entries, adding additional logic to such an elegant tool has proven in testing to provide diminishing returns. Memcached itself already has expiration logic and what it does natively is much faster than what is done programmatically.

    From that post:

    what we really need, is to cache all the required data to render a given public URL. Two requests to the same URL should always yield a cache hit given all input parameters being equal.

    Is essentially what is already done. The set of deflated, gzipped and plain html versions of a given document (page) are cached in memcached.

    That wasn’t the point of the article. They are saying caching pages is more efficient than caching objects, but you still have the problem of stale pages being served.

    Indeed, W3TC is caching pages themselves.

    As far as dirty cache reads, as you likely know that’s an issue to be mitigated with any caching mechanism, you have to use your judgement for the case your are dealing with.

    I think there are significant benefits to using versioning. I started writing up a function for APC cache; just need to debug the thing cause i’m not very proficient at php.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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