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  • Resolved gcampton

    I installed W3 total cache, enabled all caching and minify, I flushed all caches and clicked whatever popups I got that wanted to purge.
    Following a youtube tutorial on installation I went through each setting setting it up as directed. I signed up with amazon cloudfront, which in itself is another pain in the ass cause it costs money. But did it anyway… In the video tutorial the user was then presented with options to upload all images, themes, plugins etc to amazon. But I never received this popup. Amazon’s api key and everything is inserted correctly and clicking the test button works. I just don’t receive the popup to add theme files etc.

    So after setting up w3 total cache, I went and installed y-slow to see how good my website now was…. 12.3 sec load. Rating “D”…

    Due to all the social plugins + ecwid shopping cart, the lack of uploads to the CDN, the rating was terrible and speed just as slow as normal. Out of the 80 or so files that resided on my server, only 30 of them were now being downloaded from Amazon, with no performance benefit when downloading from Australia.

    On top of this my site which did have a SSL, was now presenting with a certificate error from issued to Akamai Technologies Inc.
    Not just 1 popup error, multiple….

    So I uninstalled this POS plugin which seemly only works for people in US and I still am getting the same certificate warnings and clicking on my favicon shows no sign of my certificate unless I go into the firefox security options.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

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  • Misspost, had linked header info from asking if anyone knew what it was…

    This is either the JS or header, I don’t know… can anyone figure out what it is?

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    OK, I figured out the problem.
    There was some kind of conflict with “Facebook AWD All in One”

    can somebody delete this thread or that post with all the code?
    It’s completely destroying my wp-admin home page

    Tyler, there’s no way it should be trashing your wp-admin page. WordPress doesn’t call back to the forums.

    The error is back again despite having uninstalled all social plugins.
    So I’m completely lost.

    The reason I thought it had to do with a social plugin was I started also getting cert errors from issued by the same company Akamai Technologies Inc.

    Also in my admin section I’m getting errors from paypal from all the plugins that have paypal links….

    WTF is going on?

    Was I supposed to install W3TC a special way to deal with my SSL?
    I don’t particularly want to get rid of w3tc… I want it to work.
    I know it’s a great plugin. Just seems I should have done some reading prior to installing.

    Whatever, I’m marking it as solved. It’s a POS when it coes to dealing with SSL. So I just reverted back to http and solved all my problems.

    I signed up for cloudfront and loading times were immediately doubled.

    Apparently the closest Amazon server is Seattle doing the test from Sydney??

    What a waste of time.

    I managed to greatly increase my load times, however even though I’m in Aus I’m using GoDaddy because they are cheap and have good plans. Finding a decent host in Aus is pretty much impossible.

    But I was getting around 13-20 second page load times (from Asian server) once I had the theme setup with multitude of plugins. Now that I have setup minify, caching and CDN I’m getting 6-9 second non-cached page load speeds, with 1-3second cached speeds. That’s pretty good considering I’m connecting to an Asian/American ? server from AUS.

    To setup minify properly you need to click “help” wizard and tick everything relevant and apply, or scroll down the page and make sure you set it all up correctly.

    Enable all caching. check load times during each on/off component, you should see a bit of difference.

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