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    First I would like to thank Frederick and W3TC team a big thank you for creating such a great plugin.

    Secondly, W3TC plugin was working great with my blog from many months, but after integrating with cloudflare I am having some issues with Self hosted CDN and Combining of CSS/JS features (which are no not working at the moment).
    Currently running latest development version of W3TC.

    My questions are

    • Is this normal that combining of CSS and JS don’t work after integration with CloudFlare?
    • Is it normal that Self Hosted CDN (via FTP subdomain) doesn’t work after integration with CloudFlare?

    As my site seems to slow down due lot of http requests. Please let me know what is the solution to this problem. Thank You

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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m not sure what is not working per se. I recommend getting minify working as you need with cloudflare disabled and then enabling it afterwards.



    Thanks Frederick, the problem has been solved with the latest version.

    I think I have a similar problem.
    I have setup the selfhosted-cdn on one domain, like this: – (W3 Total Cache asks for several cdn for each kind of files)
    The cnames like points to the site on which I want to call the cdn files:
    cname on DNS settings is set up like this:
    Name: cdn1
    Type: cname
    TTL: 14400
    IN my adminpanel, I have told the subdomain, that it is a cname to, too. The (from adminpanel too) is pointing to the root folder of
    Then I think I should be fine and have a cname without cookie-setting.

    As soon as I am finished with the FTP settings I load up the files to the /cdn. Successfully.

    But… when I enable CDN, the files of the theme are broken.
    I have no styling at all, just plain text and images, that are in unnormal shape.
    So, I think anything happened to the CSS, JS and maybe more.

    My cloudflare is set up too.
    I turned off the minify settings in cloudflare and purged cloudflare cache. Only security and caching is enabled in cloudflare.

    In W3 I have not enabled up minify.

    As soon as I enable cdn in W3 the site breaks.

    What could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    (BTW: When everything would be fine on the server, Xcache, Minify, selfhosted CDN and all things delivered initially by W3, and THEN I enable cloudflare, does Cloudflare improves anything on TOP of all of the things made on the server, or does it also maybe slow down thing or make them worse, then without W3? Because maybe this is all a littlebit TOO much.

    Hi Webass,
    Frederick has been very helpful and my problem was solved with the latest version of W3TC.

    Your problems see to be more related to sub-domain or file upload.

    First confirm, your sub-domain are working fine and your files exist on sub-domains.

    Secondly, From browser view-source confirm the file paths and note if files exists on those paths.

    Thirdly, Confirm files are being uploaded properly.
    If you don’t fine problem above then your problem could either be CloudFlare or something else.

    thanks for You rkind response.
    After checking Your suggestions, I dont thin it is any of these.
    I will send a ticket over the plugin.

    I tried after the method with cname. Didnt work.
    Tried with cname on other site, that is not in cloudflare, didn t work either.
    Without cnames on dns, doenst work.
    Set with the option in the plugin to avoid cookies (bottom of inside cdn settings in W3).
    Without cnames on admin panel (I use Froxlor, I can set cname to another domain on same webuser there)
    And at least only with a subdomain from ( pointing to the live site
    Wihtout any further settings just as described in the FAQ, no chance.
    I dont know what the problem really is.

    I will date up here.
    Till later.

    I was just a step too complicated.
    I followed little guide to setup a cname domain on DNS provider. Not needed as far as I can see and only is ending in chaos.
    Additionally I set up that domain on my hosting panel (each thing is dedicated) and also told that domain on the hosting panel it would be a cnmae of the target domain.

    All isn’t needed, because just setting a subdomain belonging to the target domain, like and the cdn is hosted on, was working finally now.

    I furthermore now have the problem, that after everything is setup correctly (on both target domains, with and without cloudflare) I have lost two score points on webpagetest. The cdn isnt detected as a cdn.

    This whole topic starts driving me crazy, i dont eve want to think of the minify stuff by now, this isnt managed so far and will be even more horrible.

    I sent email to Frederick, lets see what he will say about lost score and cdn not detected.

    The purpose of everything we are doing is to speed-up the website.

    Setting sub-domains to use as a CDN is not an Actual CDN but it does speedup the website. So, It does not matter it is detected as CDN or not if it improves the site performance.

    Do have an eye on speed of the website in seconds, it would give you the better idea of website’s performance. If it is getting better then you are doing good. Best of Luck

    The speed did improve by the feeling.
    The page load on webpagetest didnt improve.

    I also tried a lot of testing with ab, after I set up the apache settings.
    ab testing also makes me wild.
    Doesnt make much sense, if a tool delivers that irregular results.

    Next will be improvement of databse settings.

    Thanks for Your response.

    Hello All 🙂 Just installed w3 total cache along with cloudflare & am extremely pleased with the results! Went to high B in google page speed and low B in yslow – very graphics heavy site! 🙂

    My question follows . . . I am having to use several themes to accomplish the site I’m building. The w3 total cache & cloudflare was done on the main .com site the other themes are located under the same .com but in separate folders (i.e. /sanctuary – /review – /blog & of course all have separate installs of word press (multi site was too complicated for me) two of those run off the same database as the main site, the third /blog runs on it’s own database – do I need to install w3tc in each of the folders including the ones running off the same database in order for them to run as fast as the main site I just configured with w3tc?

    Thank you so very much for your kind reply, you are greatly appreciated 🙂
    Linda Lou

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