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  • jani-u


    I had the same problem with WP 3.01 multisite. If I remember correctly, turning of the object cache helped. I had other problems with object cache so I had to disable it anyway, but you might also try just adding the trailing slash in htaccess.



    Thanks jani-u. I have the object cache enabled. 301 redirects work fine with basic disk caching, but I’m wondering if I’m missing out on anything compared to enhanced disk caching?



    Wow… I thought I was the only one with this issue. I had that problem too and also switched to disc caching (basic mode). But I’m not using MU. Just WP 3.0.1.

    Here is the history of my problem:

    Recently I decided to uninstall AIOSEOP plugin since I wrote (found on the net here and there) some code for doing the job without it. So I did that (and manually removed some entries in my DB that AIOSEOP left there) and everything was fine except WordPress wouldn’t place canonical link in the header of categories and home page (I use static page as my front page). I thought it’s OK since I have safe redirection with trailing slash that WordPress takes care of it.

    Then Google Webmaster Tools detected the home page and one category page that have identical meta descriptions and titles. Of course the ones with and without the trailing slash in the URL and without the canonical link in the header. After little bit of investigation I figured out that W3TC is doing this – preventing the trailing slash to be added in the URL.

    I did so many things and finally switched to basic disk caching. However the problem is not ending there. Then W3TC wouldn’t collect the garbage and the pages were cached forever. So I’ve set Browser caching of HTML with an option “cache with max-age” and that worked. So now W3TC is refreshing the pages at the time specified in “Browser Cache settings” (and if there is change in terms of new comments, posts etc.) but ignoring the time given in “Page Cache Settings”. Actually I’m thinking that in basic disk caching mode, disk caching is not used at all. Now in my .htaccess file I have just the rules for “Browser caching” since I’m using the basic disk caching, and there is no .htaccess file in the directory /wp-content/w3tc/pgcache/ as with disc cache (enhanced).

    The puzzle for me is: When the problem started? When the redirection stoped working? When I’ve unistalled AIOSEOP plugin or when I’ve upgraded to version of W3TC which was very long time ago. It could be the second one and I didn’t notice it because all the pages had canonical links in the header and there was no any duplicate content issue to be shown.

    I’m thinking of three possible solutions/steps here.

    1. Putting my back up online (AIOSEOP and W3TC installed, my code removed) and check out if redirection works or not. If the redirection is not working, then

    1. Reverting to version of W3TC. Many high traffic sites are not using the newest version like:, and (Yoast and Frederick are actually friends and I think they’re working together on some projects), or

    2. Reinstalling the WordpRess and see what happens.

    Sorry for the very long comment. Any ideas?



    I don’t know, but I lost a lot of PageRank when I switched to a permalink structure with trailing slashes 4 months ago. had PR 6/10, but now has PR 1/10, because it was not doing a 301 redirect until I switched to basic disk cache. Hopefully Google will update the PageRank toolbar soon and it will resolve itself. I’m trying to sell ad space on my site and the higher PageRank would help.

    I use All in One SEO Pack and a plugin called “Redirection” which may have caused the issue.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    It’s best to use the development release of the plugin if you’re currently using disk enhanced page caching and having issues:

    Yes Frederick, I was using disk caching enhanced method and after switching to basic method, and setting the Browser HTMl caching with “cache with max-age”the issue was gone and the speed was dramatically improved.

    Now the site response time is cut in half which is great (around 400 ms – confirmed via

    I was also getting some server issues on traffic peaks (I was considering to migrate) and that is solved too now.

    Basically the problems are gone. Redirections are fine and caching is fine and improved. Imagine that, using the disk caching (basic mode).

    So I think I’ll wait for your next official release of W3TC plugin.

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