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  • I had a WPMU v2.9.2 with the old W3 0.8.x plugin. I updated the plugin then WPMU. Now I have some questions and related issues.

    The Network sites uses directory naming so it is like,,, etc.. and using “fancy” clean URLs “/site/YYYY/MM/DD/post-title”

    W3 Total Cache was enabled on each site individually (not using the Network Wide activation). All testing is done without any other plugins enabled.

    1 – It seems W3 Total Cache use just one config file and one cache directory. Is this expected behaviour (or did I do something wrong?) because in 0.8.x, each “site” had it own config file “w3-total-cache-config-{BLOG BASE URL}.php” and it’s own cache directory “/wp-content/w3tc-{blog base URL}”
    2 – W3 Total Cache defaults to Enhanced Page Cache by default. But this won’t work because it changes the RewriteBase to whatever site directory. So in the example above it would have “RewriteBase /first-blog/” and then the other blogs won’t work. Maybe Enhanced should only work for single sites and maybe sub-domain Network sites?
    3 – I don’t know what “Object Cache” is (I don’t remember seeing it in 0.8.x) but enabling it in a Network site doesn’t work. It caches one site and then the other sites no longer work. It could be related to (1) because I only have one cache directory.

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  • An update. Apparently my WPMU got messed up. I had the same issue of as this person ( where my main blog is under (wp_1_) but it is now (wp_). I used a fresh install of WP and did some comparisons and certain files also had to be changed.

    So now I have separate config files and separate cache directories. Here is what I have in “wp-content”. Can anyone confirm if these are correct…

    w3-total-cache-blognames.php (appears to contain an array of the blog site slugs) (main site config) (other site config) (cache directory for main site) (cache directory for other site)

    So point (1) and (3) of my previous post should be fixed now. But point (2) I believe still stands.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    For now that’s actually how the plugin works.

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