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  • Hey,

    Just wondering if someone could help me with mediatemple cdn settings. I have read the articles on mediatemple but I am left a little confused.

    1. Are you suppose to set a subdomain or not? One article mentions it but the other doesnt.

    2. Does w3tc upload my files to the cdn or do I upload via media manager? When I look in media manager there is no files there…

    3. Does minify need to be enabled with proCDN?, saying that I am left confused as to why I can load the css/images etc via or any subdomain, I have tried putting in 1234.mydomain and it still loads the files.

    4. This question repeats my previous 2 questions …but why with cdn/minify enabled and running speed tests using pingdom and gtmetrix my sites speed is 5-6secs but when minify is disabled (obviously so is cdn) my sites speed is only 2.5 seconds, which has left me somewhat baffled.

    I have tried searching google for the past few hours and cannot find a lot of info, so I am hoping someone can give me some help please?


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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    1. No
    2. Unless you’re doing streaming video, you don’t need to upload files.
    3. If you have it configured properly, you should definitely use it, try auto mode and see if it works.
    4. Doesn’t appear that minify is actually working in that ase.


    Should I see files in proCDN media manager? If minify isnt working, how do I get it working?

    OK I have tried setting it to auto. No different. Could you please give me some advice on how to fix this problem?


    I have narrowed it down to proCDN. When enabled the images etc seem to actually load slower. Images go from loading in 800ms to 1.9s+

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Can you contact media temple about this?

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