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    Does anyone know if there is a problem between Pingdom uptime checks that check for a string on the page and WP Super Cache?

    I just moved host because my previous host couldn’t handle my site. When I moved I didn’t check the WP Super Cache settings and the include URL in advanced-cache.php was for my old host, so caching wasn’t working. Despite that uptime was perfect and response time was better than my previous host, then when I fixed the problem and WPSC was caching again I started getting regular emails telling me my site was down… I’m not sure if the site is actually down for users at these times, I’ve successfully loaded it several times when Pingdom hasn’t…

    What I’m wondering is if there is some problem between the string check on Pingdom and WP Super Cache. I’ve removed the string so Pingdom is just doing a regular check now and it’s saying it’s up, but without the string check it’s not useful to know if the actual page content is displaying (e.g., a fatal PHP error still gives an HTTP response).

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  • I checked with Pingdom and they said that they can’t view the content of gzip pages, which is why my string check isn’t working. Can I give them a non-gzipped page to view? Is that how to use the donotcache key? Can I just append it to the URL I give them?

    I just tried the Pingdom string check with the link given for my ‘do not cache page key’, and that seems to have worked. So that’s the answer, if you’re sering compressed pages with WPSC and checking uptime with Pingdom, make sure Pingdom sees a non-cached version.

    p.s., Sorry, I don’t know why this was posted under the W3TC plugin support!

    That’s pretty lame if they can’t view compressed pages, but your server shouldn’t have served them such a page if the client told it that it doesn’t understand compression. Odd.

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