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    Does this plugin only run *copies* of local folders on CDN and then links to CDN or does/can it *move* existing and put all future folders onto CDN as a permanent, outsourced storage device?

    (It might have been mentioned somewhere but there’s a hell of a lot of content to go through and I noticed quite a lot of confusing posts and questions. Or I might not have fully understood the plugin despite reading the documentation, in that case I join the group of confused users. My sincere apologies if I double-post.)

    The details:
    I am aware of the title being W3 Total “Cache” but given the CDN function I wonder if it could be used as a permanent external storage service?
    Example: moving all local data (blog media..) to CDN account and thus only store locally whatever is still necessary to run the site on the server.

    My question arises from the situation that I have limited storage space on the server and I cannot (limited by provider) install the necessary tools to connect to S3 as a mapped drive or linked folder (using protected access, not public).
    Furthermore, outsourcing to CDN in this way would make it possible to move the main site setup to other hosting providers at any time without moving mountains of files and then trying to sync when switching the site host itself.

    I want to permanently move all blog data (I run a multi-site setup) to Amazon S3. This would turn the cache concept upside-down: caching new media on the site’s server until it has been transferred and link-updated (in database) to the permanent CDN.
    Writing locally would be faster than uploading to remote CDN so this would boost the media uploader but also boost the site in general as all uploaded (and then moved) content is served by CDN.

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  • It makes a copy.

    Pretty good practice if you ask me. If ever you need to disable W3TC, your site and links are not broken. Hard drives are cheap, brotha

    My question would solve the storage problem for all those hosting on limited space accounts that are not upgradeable and/or have no way to install the required tools to make external storage locations a local drive/folder. In mind comes providers like Mediatemple (100GB max) or RackSpaceCloud where server storage is more expensive than their file storage system (CDN).

    W3 Total Cache would instantly turn into a double-feature plugin by (short description) adding a switch to “copy” (for cache) or “move” (for permanent) local files like blogs directory to CDN while using existing cache function for other files.

    Splitting up WordPress (in particular the multi-site setup) is a necessity but so far poorly covered. Putting the database on another server is simple (and I’ve seen a db-split plugin somewhere before), running the main site on some good infrastructure is no question either, but the “outsourcing storage” remains an issue. There’s one old plugin that allows for blogs directory to be moved to S3 but W3TC would take the whole thing forward by miles because it’s up-to-date and supports several CDN.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I agree with Klark0, it’s easier to switch hosts (with better offers), than it is to recover from bugs or issues caused by making WordPress work unnaturally and depend on plugins for basic functionality.

    Hi AndreMartin

    I have the same exact problem, any solution you found? Please share.

    Fahd Murtaza


    Sorry, no true solution other than switching hosts but then running into the domain wildcard issue.
    Say you would go for RackSpace’s cloud options, then you would have to get a dedicated server so you can configure domain settings by yourself as their shared accounts don’t allow something like *.domain required for subdomain hosting on a multi-site setup.
    Or you would go for wildcard-allowing services like MediaTemple but run into their storage issue (see my previous post).
    Unless someone got another good hosting option that doesn’t shut you down at the slightest load increase, I’m afraid there’s not much to do other than self-managed at Amazon or dedicated servers at providers like RackSpace (that connect to their or your own external storage such as Amazon’s S3).

    If I might suggest, try Hostgator. They’ve got the best support (Rackspace doesn’t even match them in terms of support).

    If you are looking for the latest technology like cloud, cdn etc and can manage stuff all by yourself, Rackspace is for you.

    That’s what experience has taught me.

    Thanks guys

    @andremartin changing the host is not a solution for me. I ended up just keeping the huge files to the Amazon s3 and also enabled the CDN, on my wordpress I used this plugin OSSDL CDN off-linker i.e

    to change the URLs to the new Amazon s3 URLs which I made to look like through CNAME records.

    For some of the files which were not huge, I keep one version on my web server which runs wordpress and use the w3 total cache to host them, on Amazon s3 or Rackspace depending on the preference.


    In this post we are talking about usage of w3 total cache with the existing host.

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