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  • I have a number of mashup pages (actually, mostly custom posts; one is a page) on my WP site that load slowly given the number of feeds, slow API calls, etc. on the templates, and am hoping that this plugin can assist.

    What I have discovered so far by testing W3 Total Cache on multiple browsers, however, is that the cache only seems to work after a page is loaded (even if “Automatically prime the page cache” is enabled…is this its intended functionality?), and doesn’t seem persistent, i.e. when I revisit the site after an hour some of these pages need to be recached.

    Currently have page cache set on 300 sec update interval, 20 pages per batch, Google XML Sitemaps installed with posts prioritized to ensure custom post mashup pages get attention.

    I realize I’m a newbie to this great plugin, so help/advice welcome; thanks.

    Jim P.

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  • Okay, further sleuthing in wp-content/w3tc/pgcache confirms my suspicion that page cache is being flushed fairly quickly, i.e. is not persistent even though no edits made to these pages (note: most of these “pages” are custom posts, but one is a page). Perhaps if someone could clarify/recommend settings on the following, maybe I’d get it right?

    • Garbage collection interval: Currently 3600 seconds. Is this what is flushing my cache?
    • Automatically prime the page cache: Checked on; why does this not precache all pages?
    • Update interval: Currently 300 seconds…too quick?
    • Pages per interval: Currently 20…too many? I’m on a Bluehost account.
    • Expires header lifetime [in browser cache panel…the above on page cache]: Currently 3600, though “Set expires header” is off; sounds like the note at bottom of page cache panel suggests this is how pages are getting dumped?

    Many thanks for your help.


    And one more page cache settings question: “Specify the pages and feeds to purge when posts are created, edited, or comments posted” is set to the defaults (home page/post page/blog feed enabled), but when I edit a post (again, a custom post type) I don’t see that particular post cache purged. I could of course purge the entire cache every time I update one of these custom posts, but that seems to be overkill…recommendations?



    Try the following settings guides and see if they help answer your questions, or get your W3TC working more optimally:

    W3 Total Cache -Plugin: The Complete Settings Guide

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    @doctorproctor, about your first post, that’s exactly how caching works unless you prime the cache. Garbage collection attempts to removed old files so your disk doesn’t fill up. Caching priming won’t work if you don’t have enough traffic for WP Cron to fire which is what triggers the priming operations. The other settings you ask after vary per host and site, it’s difficult to guess without investigation.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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