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  • you have to set minify to manual, then just enter the files you do want included in minify on the minify page – or you could just leave that part alone, but still enable the inline minify – it helps somewhat.

    Thanks a lot for helping out!

    Unfortunately, I’ve no idea HOW to enter the files and WHAT files to not include.

    I tried enabling the inline CSS and JS minification.
    I also tried entering /contact/ into the Advanced>Never minify the following pages section. ( the form is on – i assumed entering just /contact/ was right)

    But I still get the problem.

    So, if you don’t mind helping out one more time, can you tell me,
    after setting minify to manual WHERE would I enter the files that I
    do want included and WHAT files would I want included so that
    everything is minified whilst not affecting the gravity form?

    Or is there an option to specify files that I DON’T want included.

    Thanks again, it’s very much appreciated.

    What you want to do is view the source from your homepage (ctrl+u on chrome or firefox), and then hit ctrl+f to search for any .css files. Now copy the path of each file in the order they appear in the source into the minify tab.
    You seem to have a lot of js files, so I would do the same thing, but those can be a little more tricky to get right if you don’t know what every script does. You might want to try just installing a js to footer plugin to see how well that helps.
    If you do the js minify, add them one at a time and then check to see if it broke anything before moving to the next.

    If you just chose combine only, it would help quite a bit.

    Here’s what I have on my settings:


    For the theme, select your active theme, which would be the child theme(if you’re using a child theme). (not sure why sometimes (active) is next to a theme that isn’t active).

    then, just click the “add a stylesheet/script” button and add the path for each file. make sure you have these in the order that they are on your site. You can drag the files around to reorder them.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply so concisely once again.

    Unfortunately, what you describe is way above my head and beyond my capabilities – and I fear do more harm than good.

    I guess this is just one I’ll have to put up with for now.

    I will copy your replies to the Gravity Forms forum though in case anyone else has the same problem as me and can use your advice to better advantage than I can.

    Thanks again for helping out, you are a star. 🙂

    before I had time to really sit down and figure out all this minify stuff, I just left the css and js sections disabled, but enabled the html and xml. Unless you’ve got dozens of css and js files, that’s usually good enough.

    I’m thinking about making an instructional video for this soon.

    Yes, I tried enabling html and xml only but I still get the problem with the form.

    An instructional video would be a good idea so hopefully you’ll post a link to it here.

    Thanks again, Bryan 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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