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  • Using Rockettheme Affinity 1.2 on BP via WP 3.0.1

    We are experiencing occasional logout issues, and the only way we can log out is by emptying the disk cache via W3 Cache. I’m not sure that W3 is part of the problem, but it certainly is a solution.

    Basically, when a user adds something to the site (e.g. post, send private message, etc.) and attempts to log out, the site won’t log him/her out. But, when the user just visits pages and doesn’t add anything to the site, he or she can log out without a hitch.

    The only way that I can force a logout is by emptying the disk cache. Can you tell me why? and is there something I can automate W3 Cache to do to resolve my logout issue, without having to manually empty the disk cache?

    Any help appreciated.


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  • @eric, I noticed you have object and database caching turned on and set to use disk which in most cases doesn’t help with performance and can actually decrease it.

    Do you have “Don’t cache queries for logged in users” checked in database cache and “Don’t cache WordPress Admin” checked in object cache? If not, that could be what is causing the problem.

    Try disabling everything except page cache and see if that solves your problem.

    Thanks for the advice. I did have object and database cache enabled. Yet I also enabled “Don’t cache queries for logged in users” in database cache and “Don’t cache WordPress Admin” in Object cache.

    I think everything is okay, now that I disabled database and object cache.

    I have one other issue involving the minify. When I enable minify, my CSS is whack, text colors all default to white. And, I cannot view my Javascript showcase window on my home page at

    This is too bad because pages and posts loaded faster with the minify enabled. 🙁

    It can be tricky to get the minify working correctly especially when you have 13 external style sheets. You could manually combine and minify your themes CSS and replace the call in header.php to the new css you created.

    Thank you for the advice. My next step will be to lessen the amount of css files. I’m not a developer. Yet I guess it would be easy to copy and paste css into one file, then cite it on the header page.

    I’d first try combine only. That gets most of the benefit (it reduces the number of http: transactions needed) – if that doesn’t work, remove the last one and retest and step backwards until it works. The last one you removed may have a syntax error in it – check it with the w3c css syntax checker. (in my case, a missing closing quote)

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Solid advice @efikim.

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