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  • I’m just wondering why people are continuing to use this plugin since it has been almost a year since the last update, and it has not been tested to work with any version of WordPress higher than 3.2.1

    It appears that development has stopped and all the glowing endorsements are quite old.

    What is really the status of this plugin?

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  • That’s hard to believe. There were same promises back in March and April.

    Even if it were released, at this point would you trust it?

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I don’t see the point of insulting me. I’m a regular guy trying to make something special for free. Saying you don’t trust “it” is just making it personal.

    W3 Total Cache is [ colorful metaphor redacted ] Rock and Roll and millions of people love it!!
    I don’t mind waiting the time needed to get it when it’s “ready”…
    in particularly the much anticipated “real multisite tested support”…
    You guys rock…thanks for the visionary work and the coming soon masterpiece!

    …sometimes one plugin really stands out and change the all system and this bothers who creates hundreds of little pieces of crap which is ultimately trash and not possibilities

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m really ambitious about this project and have been focused on some significant changes that I think will help more people. I understand that people need to get their bugs fixed and move on to other things, but I also feel like this community offers more opportunities for communication than with other types of software and the “abandonment” that people feel I’ve done somehow, is actually a two way street. I hope some users will return and actually get their sites fully optimized. Perhaps the loyal supporters and users and can be even more vocal? I dunno.

    Comment moderators, sorry for the [ colorful metaphor redacted ] but since code is poetry it implies a certain amount of uncontrolled passion sometimes…

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    And that’s good to have that level of passion, and positive feedback is absolutely encouraged.

    Editing good enthusiasm like that is just to keep the forums rated G. 😉

    W3TC has been working great for me thru several WP updates; currently at WP 3.4 – I have been using the development version .9.2.5b for the past year with success.

    @frederick – unfortunately the happy folks are never as vocal, but we’re out here.

    ingratitude for free products is hard to stomach. anybody think that he pulled this massive piece of software together in 10 seconds and has nothing better to do than to update it to our whims? this is the open source world… instead of whining, offer to help. or fork it yourself and find out how difficult it is. and above all… stay classy folks!

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Appreciated all. Support goes beyond the forum. I remain unconvinced that there are other tools that actually accomplish what W3TC does and following upcoming changes, I don’t see any other project catching up.

    Yes, I’m eagerly waiting for the update and appreciate the hard work. It’s too bad that people who don’t take the time to really test and learn how to use this plugin are the vocal ones.

    Hi Fredrick,

    Please do not release your upcoming W3 Total cache on here. Release it as a paid version and I’ll be the first to sign up and pay you a yearly developer sub to use it.

    I don’t as a rule use FREE plugins on our sites because I know as a fellow wp plugin developer the time and effort that goes into firstly building a great plugin (and W3 Total is), then the ongoing upgrading, development and support. It is a massive commitment and one that is not financially sustainable for an independent operator in the long term.

    Your W3 total cache was an exception, as I could not find a Premium Plugin that was as good. Now as the plugin is not upgraded and is breaking down, because you have either had to work on other projects to pay your bills or have just lost interest I am working through the task of taking it off over 60 sites that I have it installed on. This is a big cost to me in time and time is money. This is exactly why I do not use Free plugins on my clients site.

    Even if you eventually get the upgrade out on here I will not reinstall it – unless you release it as a new Premium plugin that I can pay you a yearly sub and know that you are going to be making enough money to either be able to afford to maintain your creation – or stay interested – long term.

    As for all the abuse you are copping – mate just tell them to go and invest the thousands of hours that you would have already invested in W3 Total cache and build their own caching plugin. Your not here to work as their unpaid slave and cop their mindless abuse.

    Is the new release still happening this month? 🙂

    I’m holding off installing any caching plugins on a new site (just doing cloudflare for now with mixed results) until the update comes because it’s the least problematic caching plugin I know.

    So is it here is it is it is it? 🙂

    CloudFlare is a very alternative to W3 Total Cache 🙂 but not cache db Queries and Objects 🙁 one possible solution is to configure W3 Total Cache only to cache db Queries and Objects! 😉 This is my actual configuration on my Network!

    P.S. Unfortunately db and Objects Module of W3 Total Cache have more problematics … :lol

    I am eager since some buddypress functions don’t work when it is active.

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