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  • I’ve been using W3 for about a week now and pretty much it’s been working like a charm. So a big thanks!

    One peculiar thing I have noticed just now though: When I browse through my categories some of the post images won’t properly load, small icon images as well as big ones. This only happens with subsequent category pages e.g. “” but never on the front page of the category ( Also it only happens with images where the url says “../wp-content/gallery/xx.jpg” but not when its full like “”. Now I suppose I could change every single url to the full structure but that would be a BIG pain in the neck as we’re talking lots of posts and lots of images here. Isn’t there a simpler solution, maybe something I can do in the W3 settings? What is this about anyway? I find this very strange.

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  • I really have no idea how to identify the issue you’re describing here. I should assume that you’re using CDN functionality?

    No, this is not CDN, everything is on my own website/server. The image urls I’ve given you are all missing the main domain in the html code. For some reason that is the way wordpress set them up. Again, the image url in the html would be something like “../wp-content/gallery/xx.jpg”. These are the ones that dont show up anymore with w3-cache, but only on subsequent category pages. So apparently w3-cache has a problem caching or displaying these, at least on a page structure like “”. Any idea why? I would like to avoid having to redo all these image paths.

    So when you disable page cache the problem goes away?

    Yes. My best guess is that w3 has trouble with properly reading or caching the image paths on such url page structures…could this be fixed in the php?

    Actually, it doesnt go away…what the? Crap! Some subsequent pages show the image icons fine but some arent, usually my newer ones. Argh…

    Maybe it’s best to submit a bug submission via the support tab of the plugin so I can take a closer look.

    No worries, frederick. I replaced these incomplete url image paths with the complete ones and now its all fine. However, I do have a new problem. See my post on “Google cache not showing my images”.


    So this bug was confirmed and will be fixed in the next release.

    I am having an issue where images inside of posts are not appearing. Outside images (banners) and CSS/JS load fine.

    I am using a subdomain as my CDN, and the wp-content folder is set to 755 on permissons, but the images never load.Halp!

    I already indicated that this bug is fixed in the next release.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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