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  • Compatible with IIS5 & IIS6? No chance… please remove that from the documentation, it simply dis-information.

    This plugin does sound really great, according to the documentation it says it’s compatible with IIS5! I must say I find this completely mystifing…

    All instructions are based around not only running Apache but also Linux, which excludes 95% of the entire computer using planet.

    For example >chmod 755 – I can set those effective permissions under Windows, after much digging around.

    Activate Memcached or APC? There are other database caching plugins that will do this, but Memcache and APC is strictly for Linux/Apache.

    There is no YUM program, nor is there a PECL, nor the PHP-Devel package, there also no APXS package.

    The CDN documentation is also not clear ‘Replace domain in URL with’, ok, replace it with what exactly? Up to the directory /wp-content ? or is it, etc…

    I’m sure this plugin is stunning for the 5% of people who can use it (of which probably only 1% are running WordPress). Other than that it’s completely inaccessible, unuseable, poorly documented, badly explained and basically just doesn’t work.

    It’s a bit like the SATAN plugin – promising the Earth but delivering Nothing. I’d be better off with ‘Barty Crumpets only slightly effective but substantially less annoying plugin’



    Sorry for the whinge, just getting it off my chest. I’ve spent days trying to get round these problems and have come to the conclusion it would be far easier and substantially less stressful if I just shot myself in the face.

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  • The compatibility statements were based on the dll compatibility at the time of writing. Unfortunately I’m not responsible for their availability.

    Have you seen the installation tab in the plugin (saw the links and notes there)? Read the plugin’s FAQ to understand the functionality? This was tested with IIS 6 + PHP 5 + mySQL 4 on windows with memcached. If you can find the .dll for APC you can then use APC as well. Admittedly the installation is much more difficult for windows, but this product was designed for the larger market share that open source servers are running. Unfortunately, is down, but I did use in the past to grab some of the old files. There are no doubt other resources. If the windows audience were larger (for WordPress) and this not simply an open source project I do in my spare time, I’d be happy to compose instructions for the windows users out there. The plugin also has a note to that effect as well as a direct email address.

    Only installed on 19% of all web servers and serving only 21% of all domains, Microsoft IIS is hardly the majority. Sorry. There are a variety of reasons for this, though the ones that are particularly relevant here are that Windows doesn’t perform as well as other operating systems, especially Linux, and deploying web technologies such as PHP on Windows can be a harrowing experience.

    I have to commend you on your clear and correct documentation; I only wish the full documentation were available prior to plugin installation.

    I thought an 18 page FAQ and all that install’ info’ would intimidate people even more than this plugin already appears to. 🙂

    In case someone else comes across this thread: is an example of a user having success with an IIS deployment.

    ok thanks fredericktownes

    No problem.

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