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  • Hi, I am trying to figure out how to get my WP administration panel back. When visiting the site the screen is blank. I have tried un-activating all the plugins through phpmyadmin, but the white screen persist. I have reason to believe it may be the W3 Total Cache plugin.

    How can I uninstall this plugin manually? I have tried deleting all the files in the plug-in folder as well.

    The WWW version of my site works fine. The non WWW version shows a blank screen. Trying to access the administration panel from either route retrieves a blank screen.

    Any ideas would be very welcomed as we can’t edit the site like this. (


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  • To update on the white admin screen is I had. I got a chance to test out which other plugin might have conflicted.

    To activate W3, I of course had to deactivate all others first, then individually turn them on. In that order – I didn’t get that white screen or any errors. I tried it this way twice (once on the original site and also once on the clone we have of that same site.) Both resulted in no problems and the plugin is running good.

    I would guess best that one of the other plugins conflicted during activation/installation only. So, Frederick, I don’t really need an answer to that htaccess question above. If my result is helpful knowledge though, maybe that would be a “suggested try” – deactivate all plugins first, install, then reactivate them.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Thanks for the input everyone.



    Sadly ive had the same problem on 2 sites. it is a shame as it does speed the site up, but i soon get the same problem going to wp-admin.

    I get the ‘cant connect thing’ and when you click more information its the internal server error

    checked ht access files, all ok. So not sure whats happening, i tried it with wordpress 3.0 and 3.1 and with different updates of the plugin, still the same problem.

    Sadly it seems that some other users have the same problem.
    hopefully one day we will be able to use this brilliant plugin.

    I cant risk the site not working by enabling it, so im going to delete it from my server



    Before you give up on it, make sure that you turn off ALL of your plugins before you activate w3tc. Then reactivate those others one at a time. I read that worked for someone else in another thread. Good luck.

    Frederick Townes


    Great tip @dennysugar!



    I also had the white screen problem on admin login with WordPress 3.
    The advice about which files to remove in wp-content worked fine.
    Many thanks Frederick

    Please check earlier in the thread, all of this has already been documented.

    Hi Frederick,
    I am having compatibility issues with Magic Fields and W3 Total Cache – any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Basically, if I install w3 Total Cache on a site that I have Magic Fields active on, the WordPress admin will not show up. If I deactivate, install w3 Total Cache and reactivate, same result, and if I delete Magic Fields, install w3 Total Cache, reinstall Magic Fields and active, I get the same result.
    Thank you

    @itsmatthew I’m not familiar with that plugin. Have you contacted that plugin’s author? A new forum topic is probably appropriate.

    Hello, im Facing a Problem.

    I followed the steps of removing the plugin but when i want to add a new page or add anything the page goes blank and when i reactivate the plugin everything goes back to normal.

    I Love Your Plugin But I Cant Add Custom Field Normally

    For Example When i type in Hello in the Name Field and Hello in the Value Field and click add it wont show the changes until i refresh the page!
    (when I Refresh the Page It Would Have Added A Duplicate of the name and values)

    i Opened .htaccess and deleted everything related to your plugin too

    If You Can Fix This I Would Be Grateful

    @xcool, not sure how that is occurring. Can you submit a bug submission from the support tab of the plugin please?

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