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  • Please, can anyone help me on this issue? I really dont know what to do. Any small hint or tip would be appreaciated! Thanks again.

    What is the error you encountered? Perhaps you can share more with us. Have you tried disabling the W3TC and reactivating the Search Terms Tagging 2?


    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Did you contact the author of that plugin as he already knows his code well, he can debug.

    I added the tag to this topic, so the author might see it.

    The author doesn’t answer to his blog’s comments and questions May be he does not support this plugin any more?!

    try to go to wp admin > w3 total cache > database cache settings, then add “stt2_” (without quote) in ignore query stems settings.

    Hey Poer,

    could you please tell if the same applies to WP Super Cache. Will it be OK if I add the above to “Add here strings (not a filename) that forces a page not to be cached.”?
    The plugin works with WPSC, but it skips more than 50% of the keywords and sometimes it’s stuck for few hours.


    i don’t really familiar with wp supercache, as far as i know, wp super cache create a static version (html) of the page.

    then most probably, because it is a static html file, all visitors coming to the static page will never be recorded.

    if you force a page not to cache, then when you put stt2 in your sidebar, isn’t it mean all page will never be cached?

    in term of w3 total cache, i used it in all my blog along with stt2 plugin, and never counter any problem 🙂

    Yes, that makes sense – may be that’s why stt2 skips some of the keywords, but as overall it’s working fine :o)


    it doesnt work man

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    So what exactly is happening with this issue then?

    well mr Frederick Townes

    the issue is:

    the plugin

    doesnt work along with w3 Total Cache

    i have try what the author told me,

    try to go to wp admin > w3 total cache > database cache settings, then add "stt2_" (without quote) in ignore query stems settings.

    nothing really happens.

    i installed w3 total cache

    and when i browse pages on the site, as a visitor, not admin, it doesnt shows the new incoming terms?

    how do you make this seo search terms plugin work along with w3 total cache

    please be specific where to to the settings.

    but i dont see any difference? or do i need to wait a whole day for the cache to refresh or something?

    the searches are not recorded instantly like when the w3 total cache plugin is removed.

    i forgot, the searches are recorded instantly when im logged as admin, but when im not logged, as in, im a visitor to the site

    i see a cached page, with no update of the seo search terms list

    ok basically, you know when the search terms plugin is working, when you enter the site, typing a search term, the search term gets listed at the bottom of the post as the 10 best search terms related to that post.,

    so when you have the W3 Total Cache enabled, you see a cached page, and you never see the search term at the bottom, i mean the search term you used to find the page, and it nevers get recorded or listed, if you are a visitor, of the site, only an admin for the site.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Since this plugin is modifying pages by adding tags you logged out users (if you’re using the default settings) will only see changes when the page cache expires. The plugin author would need to purge the page cache each time a post is modified in order to rectify this issue or you would need to use fragment caching (check the FAQ) to keep the tag area of your pages dynamic.

    ok Frederick Townes

    here is what im doing with the fragment caching:

    Example 2:
    <!-- mfunc -->any PHP code<!-- /mfunc -->

    since the code to make that part is:

    <?php if(function_exists('stt_terms_list')) echo stt_terms_list() ;?>

    then it ends up like this?

    <!-- mfunc --><?php if(function_exists('stt_terms_list')) echo stt_terms_list() ;?><!-- /mfunc -->

    im i correct?

    i try visit the site again.. and the site runs normal
    but on the part where it needs to show the list of the plugin it says:

    Unable to execute code: (and some weird code here instead of the actual list)

    sorry do i need to enable something on the “mfunc” for it to work?

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    W3TC runs before WordPress so you can’t call to some functions because WP hasn’t yet loaded, you’ll need to experiment.

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