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  • I am having a hard time getting the CDN upload to work for a particular site I’m running. I have set it up on many other sites, but for whatever reason, it’s not working on this one site. I’ve captured the network traffic on a working site versus the non working site and it seems to me that when I hit the “test” button, on the working site it does a DNS lookup for RackspaceCloud and then on the non working site it tries connecting to it’s local IP and then attempts to do something with “k3-softwarecli” over http. Anyway- it doesn’t work and I was looking for some advice in troubleshooting. I know for 100% fact it isn’t a credential issue as I’ve used the credentials on another site and it worked fine. I’ve also looked at the slow logs and php error logs and I see nothing.

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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    What are your CDN settings?

    Note: I’ve installed a fresh copy of wordpress and added only the W3 Total Cache plugin and the CDN works on that new site. I did this to confirm it was not a network issue.

    The main problem is there is absolutely no output when I try to test. I’ve set php-fpm to debugging output and there is nothing in the error log or slow log.

    This actually came through eventually, but I frankly don’t know if it was from the process or something else on the site…

    [04-May-2012 14:00:10.924719] [pool www] pid 1989
    script_filename = /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e9ea20] mysql_query() /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e9e400] query() /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e9e1e0] delete_option() /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e9e0a0] flush_rules() /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e9da98] flush_rewrite_rules() /opt/nginx/
    [0x00007fff471ae550] pk_register_slides() unknown:0
    [0x0000000015e9cd80] call_user_func_array() /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e98a00] do_action() /opt/nginx/
    [0x0000000015e98528] +++ dump failed

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Those errors are core and plugin errors not related to W3TC there. Always remember that you can disable all plugins except the one you want to test or even temporarily switch to twentyeleven theme to see if things start working – the same is true here. I’m glad you sorted it out.

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