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  • My host is IIS 6 with ISAPI Rewrite 3, however they use .htaccess for IIS Password control and instead they use httpd.ini for rewrites.

    Any time I update settings in W3 Cache it creates a .htaccess file which breaks the site (all pages redirect to an IISPassword error page). It’s simple enough to delete the offending .htaccess file, but is there a setting to avoid this?

    FWIW, I’ve already once renamed the .htaccess file to httpd.ini once so the rewrites work fine, I’m just trying to avoid triggering IISPassword by the .htaccess file being created.

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  • There’s no setting to avoid that, add some directive that ignores .htaccess files in the directories in which they are created and better still, tells IIS to use those files as it would use httpd.ini in those directories.

    Thank you. I’m afraid I might break something if I put a directive in the httpd.ini to tell IIS to ignore the .htaccess file since it’s suppose to look at that file for IISPassword.

    I probably wouldn’t even qualify as an IIS novice (yet) and I really don’t like messing with it. I’m getting comfortable with LAMP (let’s say I’m an intermediate, although that might overstate things). Anyway, I just have this one host (3 sites) using IIS and everything about them frustrates me endlessly.

    I know just a little about using ISAPI Rewrite and NOTHING of IISPassword. All I really know is that when an .htaccess file shows up in the blog’s root folder IISPassword pops up blocking access to everything. Thankfully this particular site at least runs ISAPI Rewrite 3 on a dedicated server, the other two sites with this host are on shared servers running ISAPI Rewrite 2 and I’ve never even gotten permalinks working correctly on them.

    Sorry for the long winded background. If you can offer any more detail on “telling IIS to use those files as it would use http.ini” I’d appreciate it, if not I think I can just live with it as is for now.

    Thanks again!

    I don’t spend time with IIS due to lack of interest, so I’m not aware of the directives you need. Depending on your server, your hosting control panel may be helpful, otherwise you can of course ask your hosting provider for more details and test in a staging area before rolling out to production.

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