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  • mrwizard64


    I have used this plugin with a SIGNIFICANT performance boost… it really does make things a lot faster. However, I have noticed that it makes my membership site completely useless due to its interference with Wishlist Member (my membership and content protection plugin) and Simple Press, my forum plugin.

    With wishlist member, the registration process simply doesn’t work. When someone registers for the site, it simply redirects them back to my homepage and nothing really happens… no new user account is created. I noticed that this problem seems to go away when I remove “page caching”. The user is then correctly redirected to the “Confirm your email address page.”

    With simple press, the problems are a little more complicated. The minification of javascript seems to eliminate the ability to upload pictures and whatnot because it hampers the TinyMCE toolbar entirely. Any users posting ability is very limited. Also, the plugin prevents users from updating their personal profiles. The display name and other info just cant be changed. It can be changed from within the WP admin page, but not in simple press. Clicking the update profile options button just doesn’t seem to illicit any response whatsoever.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Is there any way that I can change page caching options to not interfere with wishlist member? The wishlist plugin is really the backbone of my site… it helps to manage my emails and obviously makes sure that my paid content stays protected.

    2. Is there any way that I can get w3 total cache to COMPLETELY EXCLUDE any of my forum page or subpages? The forum is reasonably simple so I dont think that it really needs to enhancement of w3 total cache. I would be willing to change options within the w3 plugin to make it work, but i just wonder what kinds of other issues will pop up. If I could exclude my forum page entirely, I would be happy with that.

    Thank you all very much for your time!

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  • holywebmaker


    I have a similar configuration and see similar issues here. Are you also using cloudflare?

    Simple:Press Forum is ALLERGIC to caching plugins à la WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, because SPF generates all pages dynamically.

    Exclude the path to the forum in the W3 settings page via Performance > Page Cache in the “Advanced” box, next to the “Never cache the following pages” input the slug to the forum (if you have a page at the top-level named “forum” just input “forum” but without the quotes.)

    Minification of CSS and JS also begs for trouble. So exclude the forum from your cache and you’ll be fine.

    By the way: this not really a topic related to W3 Total Cache but to SimplePress. Check their support forum for more info on the caching conundrum.

    PS: with regard to the content access management situation, keep in mind that if you ONLY cache for non-logged in users you won’t run into trouble of cached “guest” pages being served to credentialed members. That’s not specific to your membership plugin; it can happen with any membership plugin.



    I’ve seen different answers to this question. Some say to enter just ‘forum’, some say ‘forum/*’ some ‘/forum/’ (all without quotes, of course.)

    Any solid answer how to, with certainty, exclude (from page caching or other caching that would prevent a forum from updating reasonably) a subdirectory that runs a forum (such as vBulletin or XenForo?)

    You mean with an absolute degree of certainty applicable to each and every case of WP running on any kind of server and in any combination of other plugins? I’d think you already know the answer to that one: there is no such certainty. What you have are a generous helping of a rule of thumb, served with a pinch of your mileage may vary.

    The difference between “forum” and “/forum” and “/forum/” is semantics, and only marginally relevant. In practice, unless you have that word in the slugs of other pages / posts (and the so-called pretty permalinks active) they boil down to the same.

    The point is to pick a distinctive partial of a slug that clearly identifies the page hosting the forum; since in most cases the word “forum” is in there, use that. With or without one or both slashes. And arguably, regardless of the type of forum you’re running.

    So what was the outcome for everyone?

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