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  • A couple of the WP sites I run have been getting complaints from a couple of people stating that they can’t access some of our pages, due to gzip messing up. Apparently the pages they try to access just show a weird bunch of characters and some .gzip file names.

    Unfortunately I can;t replicate the bug myself (it’s working fine on all my browsers, IE6-8, Opera, FF, Chrome, Safari etc). The people that have reported the problem have used a wide range of browsers, including the latest Opera, Firefox and IE, so it doesn’t appear to be browser-specific.

    On a more technical sides, I’ve been using the ‘gzip only’ option in W3. None of the code has a ‘flush()’ command in it, removing that potential problem. Gzip (and deflate) are enabled by our host, which runs a standard LAMP stack.

    I am running a number of other plugins, but none that do any kind of caching or page optimisation.

    At this point I’m kinda of stumped for ideas, so if you could suggest any reasons you know to try and fix it, that’d be great. Cheers!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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