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    At this point, one of the only reasons i’m using WP Super Cache as opposed to W3 Total Cache is that WPSC supports Multisite. I can’t find any information on multisite on any of the W3TC information pages, so i’m curious as to how well it supports multisite (with domain mapping).

    Ideally, all configuration of the plugin would be handled by the network admin, but it’d be great if individual site admins had the option of flushing the cache for their site. (This is a feature WPSC lacks too.)

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  • I am also interested in using for multisite and really need the option of flushing the cache for individual sites.

    I’m interested too, for multisite.

    Can someone please give us a clear answer.

    Would also like to hear how other alternatives work out for people.

    And preferred combinations of plugins.


    Total Cache must be activated and configured individually for every sub-site.

    I read that somewhere last night so I installed WP Super Cache because I have 291 sites on my multisite installation. I suppose that would allow me to turn off an individual site or refresh the cache on a site that I am working on which is what I am looking for. Ideally, I would love to be able to activate it globally and then administer it individually for every subsite.

    I tried the Total Cache for each site method. The problem comes in that each site overwrites the .htaccess code that the plugin needs, making it valid only for the most recent site which saves its settings.

    I useW3TC for my WordPress Network (formerly Multisite/WPMS and Multiuser/WPMU). You can’t activate it “Network-wide,” but activating it on each site works fine.

    But like KingdomGeek said, each site will want to write to your .htaccess file. This is fine as long as each site uses the exact same settings and avoids anything domain-specific.

    However, I have a new problem. It started when I upgraded to WordPress 3.3, so it could be just version 3.3 or it could be Network. W3TC is caching my RSS feed and not updating it when I publish new content. I have to manually flush the cache. I came in here to report this problem separately.

    I also have object cache issues preventing some backend functionality. I’ve reported this before.

    So yes, W3TC can be run with WordPress Network, but it may be harder to maintain that WPSC.

    KingdomGeek is right, W3TC only works with the most recent site. All other sites in the network see that .htaccess doesn’t match what they want to see there and they disable browser caching.

    DJosephDesign, look carefully – W3TC writes domain-specific information into .htaccess file, so it just can’t work in multisite install by design.

    Extesy, I did look carefully and that’s why I wrote my post carefully. W3TC only writes domain-specific information if you have those options checked. One of them is “Cache requests only for [domain] hostname” in Page Cache > General Settings. If I disable that on all of my WordPress Network sites and ensure all the settings are exactly the same, I don’t get any .htaccess conflicts.



    I have tried w3 total cache on my multisite. It works ok, only problem is that when i publish or edit post it doesnt clear cache for homepage+post and i have that setting on. This clearing works on main page domain.tld but doesnt work on subdomains.. have to reinstall to check whether problem persist on subfolder based network installation

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