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  • I seem to have come up against an issue with the regular expressions in W3TotalCache’s ob_callback that replace local URLs for their counterparts in the CDN.

    We are trying to implement an Azure CDN.

    Because most of the content is managed by the MagicFields plugin, I have added wp-content/files_mf/* to the Custom file list.

    If I enable debug, I see some strange characters appended to replaced URLS, for example, for this cached thumbnail:

    /wp-content/files_mf/cache/th_ded8de6ef54c061a659828a26028150e_1175_aquat_draw_04.jpg' } =>' }

    These extra characters “‘ }” should not be there.

    Here is the bit of HTML that causes the problem:
    <span class="img-stub { width: 176, height: 124, src: '/wp-content/files_mf/cache/th_ded8de6ef54c061a659828a26028150e_1175_aquat_draw_03.jpg' }"></span>

    Is it possible that the regexps in ob_callback are not correctly parsing this (admittedly unusual) markup?

    many thanks, Julian

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