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    First off: this is an amazing plugin!

    Ok, now. I am using TDOMF forms. All it is is it lets unregistered users submit a new post without having to login or anything. They fill out this simple form on a specific page. It uses sessions to prevent spamming.

    The problem is that W3TC is cacheing the page and causing problems.

    The form is located on my page (warning: ADULT)

    The plugin files are located in


    And all files are php inside (the ones that do any processing).

    Everything works perfectly when I use the form, but since I’m logged in the cache is disabled for me. Under “Never Cache the Following Pages” I have:


    But apparently this isn’t working. Any help with this would be appreciated, or the ability to completely turn off the cache for pages (but keep for frontpage/posts/search/etc).


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  • To clarify: this page is working for me because I am logged in and the page is not cache’ed for me.

    It is not working for unregistered, non-logged in users because W3TC is cache’ing the page, which I wish I could set it to not cache it!

    Are you sure the form is not breaking due to HTML minification: inline JS/CSS minification or line break removal? When logged in you likely have HTML minfication disabled. Try to disable minfication first and let’s go from there.

    Hey there,

    I’ve disabled minification and still not working. Uploading a small image file is not recognized by the tdomf plugin.

    Thanks for the quick response time btw 🙂

    Any chance I can get my hands on your settings? Likely there’s a cookie that W3TC should be set to ignore that it is not and I would be happy to add it to the default configuration once I know what it is.

    any solution to this problem with tdomf? i’m experiencing the same problem with caching. thanks in advance

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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