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    Is there a way for non-admin level users (ie. Editor’s & Author’s who can publish) to clear the caches, but NOT be able to change W3TC settings?

    Maybe the ability to turn caching on and off, but again not touch the settings?

    I have clients who I frankly don’t want to see the cache settings because they’ll undoubtably screw them up, BUT if I make them Editor’s they get instantly frustrated that their changes don’t show up instantly.

    Aside, the “Don’t cache pages for logged in users” is checked and doesn’t seem to work.

    Finally, Studio Press’ Genesis theme recently added user level controls for who could see what in there plugin, maybe something similar for W3TC?

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  • If you publish a post or add a comment, the cache is cleared. What are your Editors and Authors doing that causes the catch to not flush?

    In this case they are updating static text in a text widget…’which thinking about it also requires being an admin. Getting beyond W3TC but that another thin I wish I could do, allow editors to tweak widgets… Maybe I need a role management plugin for this one.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Right now there’s no way for non-admin users to be able to empty the cache, it’s actually quite a big deal to empty the cache on high traffic sites. Consider implementing fragment caching (see the FAQ) into your themes to avoid this issue entirely if you must. Otherwise end users have to wait for page caches to expire, so you can lower the expire time if you wish.

    Thanks Fredrick, appreciate the answer. Just knowing is helpful

    Just for reference, should you ever want to implement other user roles being able to flush the cache. I noticed Stats has a user settings check box for who can see stats. Might be an interesting feature to have a dash board widget that reported the stats of the caches and which maybe could have a cache flush button… just a thought to share more than a formal “feature request”



    We ran into the same issue as we are currently load balancing 3 web servers and make all content changes on 1.

    We created a page template that includes the code to manually empty the cache (found in the FAQs) and a new page in wordpress. Now we can load that page and the cache is cleared on that server.

    Just make sure you include the url of that page in the list of pages NOT to be cached.


    Where in the FAQs can I find that manual cache reset code? I don’t see it.

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