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    I have recently installed W3 Total Cache and my site runs a lot faster now. Well, the causality is not that direct, but the plugin opened my eyes for what other plugins were wasting ressources and what dynamic parts on the site were useless eye-candy.

    NOW, I have a pretty decent result compared to earlier, BUT two problems left.

    Number one deals with cache expiration on images.

    Number two has to do with the very structure of my site: there is an elaborate internal area, that is managed using the “User Access Manager” by Fortunately, basically this does not interfere with W3 Total Cache.

    Yet, since a lot of users are logged in users, I wanted to allow caching for these, too. Made some exceptions for dynamic pages, enabled, and I thought I am settled. Until, a few hours later, I was shocked to see that users, who are not logged in, get a logged in Home Page, and some of the internal sites can be access from there as well. I have an entirely (almost) different menu for logged-in users, so this is not acceptable.

    All I was left with: disabling caching for logged-in users.

    Is there any chance I can have sort of a parallel cache structure for logged-in users, that is only shown to logged-in users (yet the same to all of them)?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Okay, obviously somebody may come up with a solution eventually. But I do not really believe there is one:
    When I cache the member area, not only do I have to make sure logged-out users will never see the cached member pages. Also, I will have to implement the more subtle role system of UAM (User Access Manager) into the caching system, so that freshmen do not see cached senior pages. Besides the work this means I guess it contradicts the concept of cached, thus static pages.

    Plugin Contributor Frederick Townes


    The key here is fragment caching. What you’ll want to do is actually focus more on using fragments than trying to cache pages just the way you’d need them. You’d want to be in an environment where object and database caching work so that you can reduce execution times.

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    I appreciate your thoughts, really.

    Nonetheless, an ideal solution would be, if logged-in users would get fully cached pages, but the logged-in versions of them. On those particular pages, logged out users only get lock-out notices anyway.
    Thus it would be ideal if the cache system behaved pretty much as if they were visiting a different blog. In fact, logged-in users and logged-out users have little in common and I am already thinking about really dividing the blog.

    Is there a possibility for two blogs to really co-exist? For example >>> Blog A >>> Blog B >> Blog B >>> Blog A
    depending on which Blog finds the page (optimal) or manual Apache redirects? I have so little clue about that redirect system.
    I kind of want the page rank not to die completely and give the users that impression of seamless integration, but under the hood, it is not really necessary.
    Maybe I’ll just try something like >>> Blog A >>> Blog B >> Blog B >>> Blog A

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    Anyway, seems no WTC3 problem

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