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  • i had previously did changes to my style.css, during which i am already using W3 TC. after the update to 3.0.5, although i took off 3.0.5’s twentyten theme folder and uploaded the previous 3.0.4’s twentyten theme folder(with all my hardwork of course), it still shows the new settings of 3.0.5. Only when i deactivate the W3tc did my changes come back.

    Please update as i like this plugin very much.


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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    uploaded the previous 3.0.4’s twentyten theme folder(with all my hardwork of course)

    Unless you like gut wrenching debilitating pain, stop modifying wp-content/themes/twentyten and make a child theme. Every update will hurt you until you do.

    With the plugin turned on, have you tried clearing the W3 Total Cache cache manually? Also are you minifying CSS/javascript as well?

    Thank you for the reply.

    I had manually cleared the page and minifying cache after i reactivate the plugin (i was prompted).

    And the settings went back after that.

    Pardon me for my ignorance, but i am afraid i have no idea on what you are talking about regarding the CSS and javascript minifying.

    Would you be kind enough to teach me? i still able to create the child theme now that i had already modifies the true copy?
    And, after renaming the child as twentyten-child.css wil wordpress still call that instead of the original one?.

    Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    No trouble at all, helping is why we all volunteer.

    Try this: backup your database and files.

    This is a just-in-case step. If you change your settings and something horrible happens (it shouldn’t) then you have that backup as a safety net.

    Start with going to your W3 Total Cache General Settings and perform a compatibility check (top left button on that screen).


    On my blog, I get all green OK for everything; if you have some yellows then you’re probably still good.

    In your W3 Total Cache General Settings, turn off everything except Page Cache, Database Cache, and Object Cache. Save those settings and clear the cache in W3 Total Cache.

    This will just create cached pages and objects using the method you have selected. It won’t minify or do anything else but create a database cached version of your blog.

    Once that’s done, using a different web browser (I use Firefox for admin and Internet Expolorer for testing) clear that browser cache and visit your blog. See how that looks in the testing browser.

    hi, thank you so much for the detailed explanations.

    i saw the configuration and ran it, and red appears for opcode cache and memcache extension. I do not know what are they for? and how do i get them?

    and, for your info, i had used a plugin to upload another font type for my web. and it is obvious that this is the cause for very slow loading of my page.

    can i do anything to help this?

    and, from your last entry, you did not mention anything about minify, so do u mean i ignore that all together?

    sorry for the trouble.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Your server may not quite have what is needed to make this plugin really shine. If it is not your server or you are uncomfortable with server level configurations, then this plugin may not be the best fit.

    Depending on what you want to accomplish, it may be easier for you to use another caching plugin such as WP Super Cache.

    W3 Total Cache is a very efficient and feature rich caching plugin and comes with many options to make the loading of your blog faster for the end user’s browser. These features include minifying the CSS and Javascript, caching to files or database, using an opcode cache if available.

    It is complicated but once you have a handle on the options it works very well.

    WP Super Cache works well too and I find (in my opinion only!) that it’s easier to setup. Very fire and forget and as long as you have fancy permalinks and it can edit your .htaccess file and create files in directories in wp-content/cache then this may work better for you.

    Brilliant explanation…i really appreciate that! : )

    but, what is a .htaccess? I rem reading it somewhere with regards to access of webshell or security issues…

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    With Apache web server software (used by most but not all of the WordPress.ORG installations) the .htaccess file controls how visitor’s web requests are handled.

    When the web server gets a request for http://your-blog-url/some-path-name/ the .htaccess file contains instructions that tell the Apache web server how to process that request i.e. send it to your WordPress.ORG index.php. This is how WordPress.ORG software handles custom permalinks.

    It also is used for setting security options, more rewrite rules, and other settings. It’s a very flexible file.

    It’s also easy to put something in there that will make your blog unavailable until it gets fixed. That’s one reason why good backups are important. If you make a mistake and don’t know what you did, just restore the last file backup of that file.

    hey, i faced another problem. upon creation of new accounts by people visiting my site, they are informed that email has been sent to their email with the confirmation. however the email was not sent, and when they tried again, it was told that the user id was taken.

    may i know what is going wrong here?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    We are going all over the place, but the simplest explanation is that your hosting server is not setup for email delivery. Check with your provider to see if your server support mail delivery.

    So sorry…i know things are getting a little messy here, but i realli need your help as its the first time im setting up a site…

    I had contacted my host, and its ixhosting fyi, and the technical personnel told me that i had to configure some sendmail or smtp on my side. She mentioned that she had done some mail scripting test and its working.

    And here is where im stuck.
    What is it that shes talkimg about? And how do i do that?…

    Many thanks..

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Sorry can someone re-state some clear questions?

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