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  • I’ve tried to set up W3TC on my site in the past but after dealing with intensely complicated set up for hours, I eventually gave up concluding that it’s way too technical for an ordinary webmaster to comfortably set up.

    I’d like to give it another try and wanted to ask if someone could point me to the best step by step tutorial on how to set up W3TC for maximum performance.

    Thank you ;/

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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Thanks Kieguy, hopefully I will have time to write more guides this year.

    I used to love this plugin and it worked beautifully but now it’s so hard to keep changing it. I’m hoping that a new update eventually comes so I can come back to it again. Right now WP Super Cache is doing the job and I tried W3TC again this weekend but there’s no difference between the two right now.

    Fingers crossed a new update before 2013!

    the best setting for w3tc using this method..zemalf….and with google page speed service… results……….98 / 90

    sorry if this is off topic…. but I thought this plugin helped secure my site as well as increase page speed…
    Dose anyone know how I can stop hackers from logging into my dash board and posting scammer links to my site?
    It killing my business.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Your site has been compromised. You need a service like securi.

    Hey Frederick,
    Thank you for your comment. But what do you mean Compromised?

    could you be exactly specific? I’m currently 7 days to homeless. At 50 yrs old and a dieing career that I’m desperately tring to keep going, I need money… is about all that would fix my mess.
    If I had it to hire Securi, I would… I can hardly feed my dog…
    I’m not interested in a hand out at all Frederick, But I would really appreciate a hand up..

    If you could suggest any thing or site that I could learn what to do that I could fix my site. I would greatly appreciate it, and I would be at your service to help you with sharing or anything you need I can do.

    thank you

    @ Dean: Change your password. Now. To something obscure like 5%tyrGH7&uojh$E399*hjj

    Go into your users and check no other users have been added.

    And change your FTP password. Now.

    the tutorials I’ve seen so far all seem to deal with installing and optimizing w3 Total Cache, but does anybody know of tutorials/instructions for “living” with W3 TC after it’s installed and optimized?

    The reason I ask is because I had W3 TC installed and up and running on a site and all seemed well until yesterday, for the first time since the install, I altered the functions.php file and uploaded it via SFTP to the theme folder. The site suffered a 500 server error and it took me a lot of dismantling, uninstalling etc to get it working again. Is there some procedure I need to be aware of with W3 TC prior to uploading updated files?

    I should add that the only change I’d made to the site was installing W3 TC, prior to that I was uploading altered files as per normal with no problems.

    So I guess my first question still stands, anybody know of tutorials on W3 TC after the install etc?

    cheers – roy

    Thanks Kieguy, for your valuable information. It is very helpful.

    Loook This tutorial One helps you step by step guide with snapshot –

    I had tried everything to get W3 Total Cache to make a difference with my shared-hosted WP blog, but I kept getting no improvement. I finally followed the tutorial here:

    My blog page went from 78/69 to 100/100. I stand amazed. I went from a 3.63 second page load time to a 0.35 second page load time. I’m sold now. Thanks for a great product! 🙂

    *groan* Now my page isn’t even appearing anymore. Any advice?

    Well, I went back and deactivated the plugin and my site loaded fine, so it seems to be a problem with

    My page is still getting a score of 100/100 with deactivated, but it would seem I will have to activate whenever I add an image to my image library in order to retain the benefits of the plugin.

    Obviously, this is not how the plugin was designed to work and will be time intensive compared to having it running in the background.

    I have posted to the Smush-it support forum. Hopefully they will be of some help. If anyone here has any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them. In the meantime, I am still very pleased with W3 Total Cache and love the WordPress Optimization Guide. 🙂

    Now I just don’t understand what’s going on. I refreshed my browser caches in Chrome, IE, and Firefox and my page wouldn’t appear once again. So, I deactivated W3 Total Cache and now my page is back. What am I doing wrong?? I followed the directions here, so you can see what settings I enabled. I also have CloudFlare enabled since I use it. I disabled the plugin as I said earlier. Can someone look at the optimization guide and look at my blog and see what I might be doing wrong. My page score is back to 77/69 without W3 Total Cache and Please help!

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