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  • After a review about WordPress / W3TC / i bought 2 nodes at VPS.NET (CPU 1.2GHz, RAM 752MB, CentOS 5.4 x64) + cPanel/WHM + LiteSpeed Enterprise (not Apache) + CDN 1 TB (same –
    On that VPS I run only ONE European domain with WordPress and of course, W3TC 🙂

    Can anyone recommend step by step the BEST settings for VPS (php.ini, memcache, APC etc. etc.), WordPress, W3TC, CDN etc.?

    In this moment my W3TC settings are (I write only what I changed from the default configuration):

    General Settings – Page, Minify and Database Caching Method are all set to Opcode APC. CDN Type are on Self-hosted/FTP.

    Page Cache Settings – The 4 fileds are selected, HTTP compression is set to gzip and deflate.

    Minify Settings – HTTP compression is set to gzip and deflate. JS and CSS minify settings are Enabled.

    CDN Settings
    FTP hostname:
    FTP username: MyUsername
    FTP password: MyPassword
    FTP path: cds/myPath
    Replace site’s hostname with:

    ….but in this mode the site takes longer to load with the “CDN” (because basically loads all images/css/js files over HTTP). Without running better. I think this is not normal.

    I really apreciate some VPS and W3TC configuration.

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  • You’re actually asking for a professional service. To really tune your site there are many small details to check. The plugin already tells you the recommended settings based on the server that you have and you can use sites like to find a good CDN provider if you think that’s the issue, but I think VPS.NET uses Akamai. also uses Akamai (recently). I’ve already bought through their 1 TB on the Highwinds CDN. I can not spend more money to change now.
    However, I requested the configuration of Origin Pull, as indicated in their page, , and I’m waiting.

    In any case, the settings that I have given in W3TC, look correct?

    You say that there are instructions for all configurations. I can answer that for you, who do not know English very well, is not as easy as it sounds to you. 😉
    Also, the instructions on the Installation plugin page about PECL Memcache Module Installation, APC ecc., refer to a configuration with Apache. But I use LiteSpeed.

    ps. I see your site from different computers without the CSS file ( ).

    Yes, it is easy, when you use the drop down menu on the general settings tab, the options are grouped based on the type of server you have and when there are several options for a type of server it’s indicated with words like “disk enhanced is best”.

    Ok, thanks.


    I actually went along with Yoast’s setup and in the end went back to + Apache + APC + MAXCDN (NetDNA) + W3T

    Nick Nelson from VPS was very helpful and we tested litespeed too but it actually did work slower! so we went back to apache and the site got faaster and costs less too!

    But Nick test the LiteSpeed Enterprise or the free edition?

    Thanks for the info @bakbek.

    @bakbek, Nick Nelson said (via email):

    Litespeed in every benchmark is faster than Apache.

    @ovib hey ovib.. have you figured out what path do you use to make it work?

    and i’m trying to submit a support ticket to setup origin pull but since i’m new, i dont know where to look for the details required to fill.. like origin pull ID, server etc..
    thank you for your help

    @myystiqueen, your best bet is to ask your CDN provider.

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