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  • I’m currently running WordPress 3 beta 1 in network mode.

    Have W3 Total Cache installed for a few of the sites which works like a charm. But there seems to be a problem with the CDN connection to S3.

    My S3 account works and has been tested. If I manually create a bucket it ‘will’ upload the files there. But it’s failing when requesting the data.

    The problem seems to be located in the JavaScript.

    On this line when I use test upload (error for actual upload is similar but different line):
    354 status.addClass(data.result ? ‘w3tc-success’ : ‘w3tc-error’);

    Firebug says: Data is Null

    Now as I said, it does actually upload, but because it’s not getting feedback it’s hard to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

    Any ideas?

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  • Can you open the following and tell post the result?

    – is your sites domain name
    – BUCKET_HERE is the name of your S3 bucket
    – KEY_HERE is the your AWS key
    – SECRET_HERE is your AWS secret key

    Getting a blank screen.

    Bucket exists (It also contains a file.), rights are set so that authenticated users have access and everyone has read access. Not sure if that’s wise, but it should mean access. (unless I’m missing some kind of obvious setting)

    I can use the FF plugin to access the bucket (and another tool).

    Double checked the url and it all checks out.

    Hi, i also have the same problem. I sent a support with login details request, but still its not answered. Im trying to use amazon cloud front, and when i try to upload my files, they say, request failed! and i also try to use the URL that you have provided above… it will only show a blank screen! What should i do now?

    Wy site is

    Nismorack and Earthorg, I’m obviously keen to get this working for you, but need bug submissions and access to your server’s to debug. W3TC uses the libraries provided by Amazon and obviously they are not perfect.

    For now I’ll wait for the new version of Total Cache.

    I can’t submit a bug report without enough information. Plus I’m running WordPress 3.0 Beta2 which hasn’t been released officially.

    What I posted in the first post is the best I can do in terms of relevant information. Either the issue is in the JavaScript libraries (I saw something about wp3 using a different jquery version). Or in the Amazon libraries.

    Theoretically I could upload all the content to the CDN anyway as it does actually upload the content. Though I update my content a lot as well. I’ll just sit tight and check out new builds, possibly the latest dev build.

    That doesn’t really help me.

    Using the link you gave as a testpage I managed to find the following things.

    In /lib/W3/Cdn/S3.php on line 152 it references listBucket any echo I placed after this did not display. Anything before it did.

    In /lib/S3.php on line 86 in listBucket it calls upon getResponse. any echo placed after it does not get displayed.

    This at least rules out any JavaScript issues. I haven’t had time to further explore getResponse. First thought would be that my version of CURL is incompatible with the way this code uses it. Since i noticed this S3 class hasn’t been updated since July 2009.

    My version of CURL:
    cURL support enabled
    cURL Information libcurl/7.19.6 OpenSSL/0.9.8l zlib/1.2.3

    I’d have to dig deeper to find out where in that function it stumbles.

    Alternatively Amazon changed something in the way requests were handled that this class hasn’t been updated to yet. However in such a case everyone using this plugin would be suffering from the same problem.

    All I can suggest (at this point) is debugging on your server and for that I need a bug submission request to be made from the support tab of the plugin.

    Sorry, not giving out access to my server. Besides the bug submission uses mail which isn’t entirely working.

    Also, I don’t see how giving you access to my server will tell you more than you already know. It’s already plainly obvious that the issue is somewhere in the S3 class you are using. (which hasn’t been updated in over a year and wasn’t made by Amazon)

    But I’m just pointing this out now. Do with the info what you want.

    Sorry, I guess I cannot help you. There are users using this library without issue. Age is of the library is irrelevant, the exception cases are.

    My results page is: {result: 0, error: “Test failed. Error: Unable to list buckets (check your credentials).”}

    And I put the same dates which I use to connect to Cloudberry :S

    I changed the access key and gives me this: {result: 1, error: “Test passed”}

    So uploading should now work.


    I have a similar problem with Amazon S3 as CDN. I can upload the files from my server to S3 using W3 Total Cache. But, the website does not display the content, only text.

    I tried to view the page given by Frederick:

    But, my browser said:
    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    Any ideas would be welcome!

    Frederick Townes


    @justinwpw, you may just want to submit a bug submission form from the support tab of the plugin.

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