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  • I successfully set up my blog to work with W3 Total Cache and Amazon Cloudfront combined with several CNAMES makes live easy and cheap!

    However, now I noticed that the minified file in all of this is not being downloaded from the CDN.

    Here are some of the relevant settings:

    CHECKED Rewrite URL structure
    If disabled, CSS and JS embeddings will use GET variables instead of “fancy” links.

    CHECKED Automatically upload modified files
    If CDN is enabled (and not using the origin pull method), your minified files will be automatically uploaded.

    CHECKED Host minified CSS and JS files
    If checked, minified CSS and JS files will be hosted with the CDN.


    So in essence: The minifying works fine (locally) the CDN works like a blast. However, the minified files don’t get loaded of off CloudFront, so they don’t seem to work together.

    What is a possible problem here?

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  • check the uplaod failed list. could be same prob i’ve had.

    I clear that list if anything inside.

    then go remove all caches, it gets fixed for me.

    I’ll try it. I just removed everything in my CDN.

    Now I’m re-uploading everything. Then I’ll check if there’s something in the failed list.

    Then I’ll remove caches, and see if it works.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I get object already exists errors on the minified files?

    How should I go about this?

    I don’t no how, but now it works :S. Thanks SmoochyTweet!


    Could you do a test for me? I may have the same issue you are facing and your fix may not have necessarily worked.

    Try creating a new article and uploading a new image to it. Once complete, hit publish. (You can just upload and embed an image into an older article for testing as well.) When complete, go to that article in another browser. Is the link to the image file coming from your CDN link as expected?

    If I think you are having the same problem, it could be that new content you upload/publish won’t use the CDN until you repeat that clear list + clear cache process each and every time.


    Well, the CDN works great! However, the problem was only with the combination of minification.. nothing else.

    So everything is ok now?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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