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    It seems that W3 Total Cache and CDN services only work with the WP Media Library.
    For sites with many photos/images WordPress Media Library is really lacking of options to sort and organize them. If you have many pics, there is no comparison with the traditional system using FTP and clear separate folders.

    W3 Total Cache has an interesting option allowing re-import of images in WordPress and automatic adjusting of posts/pages link code. This is very nice except as I said above if for a specific site you really preferred to keep your own way of organizing pics in separate folders.

    Or is there a CDN service one can manually upload his static images?

    Any idea/feedback is much appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Add the path to your custom images etc to the custom files field on the CDN settings tab and then make sure auto-upload is enabled.

    THANK YOU Frederick for your help and concern!

    You mean I can put my images path in the “custom file list” in the Advanced Section (already has favicon.ico and wp-content/gallery/*) then enable auto-upload and it will work? That simple?
    Can hardly believe it, as I surfed for hours and never found a single line on this. Even MaxCDN never gave me an answer when I dropped them a line (although I had already paid my fee).

    Well you really helped me on this. Going to try it asap!
    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Yes. Success?

    Sorry Frederick to come back a bit late. YES, it works and all my photos in separate folders are now taken in account. So all is OK on the W3 TOTAL CACHE side although I think I could have the plugin tuned even better.

    First hopefully wpbeginner website has a great tutorial so I could have the whole system working in a short time. I am not at all involved with but I think they are one of the few sites trying to explain things as clearly as possible. Congrats to them!

    Concerning MaxCDN, I think it is a great service and their support is quick but I found Netdna to be a bit slow here. I can sometimes see some elements freezing during the loading page when I see at the bottom of my browser (Firefox) “transfering data from”. This is probably due to my location (China with the Great Firewall) and it seems also no server available (yet) in China Mainland. Still I guess the plugin tuning could also be optimized.

    There is an option in the plugin offering professional tuning for $100. I would not mind paying this fee if I knew a bit more about the process. I mean is there a kind of small report (a few lines) telling me what has or should be changed so that I can learn a little for the next sites. I saw the option to pay but could not find a line about the process.

    So for now I have deactivated the CDN as until now my host (BLUEHOST) and the W3 Total Cache plugin on (no CDN) gave me the best response times here in China.
    Maybe I should try promoted by Yoast (his site is very quick in China) but fee is also more expensive (+ MaxCDN lost fee of $39.95).

    So finally don’t really know where to start from. Do you think I should have the professional plugin tuning done first?

    THANK YOU for your help.

    Tried today with my VPN that directly goes to the US and bypass the Chinese Great Firewall.
    Interesting as the website is slower (although they use their own cdn) with some gif appearing one after the other compare to MaxCDN opening like a rocket (seems they don’t use CDN).
    Concerning my site, it still loads quicker with the CDN switched off. Strange (?) Must keep on studying this….

    Anyway we can close this topic as the problem of uploading files out of the WP Media Library has been solved.
    A BIG THANKS TO Frederick Townes for his precious tip!

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Are most of your site’s users in China?

    @jamesbb this is quite interesting, we have a large number of clients from China and no complaints about speed. However, they are hitting the US pops mostly.

    If you’re having slowness issues, email support (at) maxcdn (dot) com with a traceroute and ping results for both your CDN domain and

    Ahmed – NetDNA Support.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes



    Thanks Ahmed for your comment!
    True that situation inside China is a bit special due to our great national firewall 🙂
    Anyway I have no doubt MaxCDN works well apart of this specific case.
    I have servers inside and outside China and it is clear that the same page displaying in a blink of an eye when locally hosted can take up to several seconds when located in US and sometimes more if from Europe…

    The only way to be sure of a CDN with good speed for local sites here is to have servers in China mainland but I guess this might not be easy due to administrative applications. Otherwise Hong Kong and Singapore seem also quite fast and can be good alternatives.

    But I guess we are far from the initial topic of this thread so I wish you all a Merry Christmas (yes 10 days in advance but hey!).


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