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    when minified, JS and CSS return “Bad file param format”

    With FTP I had a look into the minify directory

    There are two files: containing i:615365546; containing i:2138336412;

    nothing more..

    In the last good version there were six files:

    default.include.615365546.css 21kByte
    default.include.615365546.css.gzip 5kByte containing 615365546
    default.include-body.591478768.js 113kByte
    default.include-body.591478768.js.gzip 45kByte containing 591478768

    So the combined/gzipped versions were never produced. Hmm.

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  • Yep. THIS is the problem exactly.
    Hopefully the plugin author is seeing all of these posts and working on a solution…

    With switched on CSS minify I tried copying the three “good old” css files in place.

    ..just to find out “” containing “615365546” gets overwritten by containing “i:615365546;”

    maybe this info helps further..

    That’s the problem I experienced as well. I’ve disabled the plugin until this can get resolved. Curiously, it works fine in the latest version of Firefox, but not in IE.

    but maybe you are logged in admin in firefox? Then in FF you will get the un-minified <working> version..

    You’re right. I logged out of admin and FF also doesn’t work.

    Anxiously awaiting a fix…

    Waiting, yes – me too 🙁

    no minify sounds like a minor problem, but my page doubled in size & has some extra files to serve:

    We will see.
    Our gifted author will find a solution – I got the feeling there is a typo somewhere. Have to stop searching, worst case I will deinstall & downgrade.

    Yup, same here with Bad file format, even in manual mode.

    Ditto here on a couple of sites that I recently updated to….thanks in advance to anyone working on a solution.

    Yes same problem here.

    Until they get this fixed, the best bet is to uninstall the current version and install the latest working version from

    You should not use version or – wait for a new update that fixes the issues.

    If you did update your plugin and you need need uninstall the
    previous version. You will need to go into your blogs htaccess
    file and remove all the content from…

    # BEGIN W3TC Skip 404 error handling by WordPress for static files


    # END W3TC Page Cache

    Make sure you save a backup copy of this htaccess file. Then
    when you activate the older version the htaccess file
    will be updated.

    I have the same problem. In IE8 it works for me fine, but not the other browsers.

    I contacted the plugin owners and have neard nothing.

    I’m not technical and would like to get back to the older version. Is it possible for someone to let me have step by step instructions for a non technical person please, since I don’t understand any of the coding.

    thank you

    Same issue here. Problems with multiple sites!!!

    @ballet News- Your site is not right in IE8 either. You’re probably just logged-in to WordPress Admin in IE8 or viewing a cached page. Have you switched minify mode to manual and cleared all caches in W3TC? That should do the trick. I have 3 sites running the latest version with no problems as long as I keep minify mode set to manual.

    @ robnalexpress

    ok, you switched minify to manual, but did you then add some files..
    that´s where the trouble starts for the rest of us.

    the error boils down to no gzip but minify working, if you switch in “Browser Cache” js/css gzip OFF..

    I have two sites setup with this plugin. the first one is:

    The second is:

    Both are on the same Hostgator server. I’ve had the plugin installed on the first domain for quite some time. It is set to manual currently and only had a few scripts manually selected originally. Now it lists no scripts selected and doesn’t seem to be causing any issues.

    The poppameth website is set to auto and gives me this error:

    It appears Minify URL rewriting is not working. If using apache, verify that the server configuration allows .htaccess or if using nginx verify all configuration files are included in the configuration.

    I haven’t noticed any problems with the site though, even when logged out and in different browsers. Is this only occurring when set to manual and files are actually added?

    Edit: I disabled GZIP and the error message disappears.

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