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  • If, for whatever reason, you’re still stuck with using this plugin, be mindful that it prevents Hyper Cache from doing its job.

    To be more specific, Hyper Cache checks to see whether there are any cookies that start with ‘wordpress_’. If there are, it assumes a user is logged in and does not cache the page. This plugin sets a cookie called ‘wordpress_ratepost’.

    There are a several other (performance) issues with this plugin due to coding that (today at least) is recognized as bad practice. While I’m grateful for the use I’ve gotten from it in the past, I’m happy to say I can stop using this one soon.

    btw. If you’re replacing this plugin for another, be sure to add the following lines to your ‘functions.php’:

             *  Clean up the (client side) leftovers of the votethepost plugin
            public function clean_up_votethepost() {
                // Removes 'Vote the post' cookie
                if( isset( $_COOKIE['wordpress_ratepost'] ) ) { setcookie( 'wordpress_ratepost', $_COOKIE['wordpress_ratepost'], 1, COOKIEPATH ); };

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