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  • Here is what they wrote about Voteitup, which has been used for thr last 2 years.

    As was outlined in the opening reply, the sql queries being run by the program was not only affecting the load on the server but also causing high IO waits on the hard disks. As your database grows, and you add more vote topics through the plugin this increases the amount of information the server most request and process. At the time of your suspension it had grown to the point where it was affecting service for our other customers, such as increasing load times for their sites, and emails which forced us to disable your plugin, then later your site till this issue could be addressed.

    At this time I have evaluated your site and determined with the plugin disabled it is no longer causing an issue on our shared hosting services.

    For your convenience I am also including the queries provided by the administrator in the opening reply.

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    I had to disable that plugin otherwise they wouldnt let me run the site…. .

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  • I’m not surprised! My developer and I just spend hours and hours and hours trying to figure out why my site was taking 10-15 seconds to even display anything on the screen. The developer spend a week minifying css, javascript, installing a W3C cache, installing self-hosted CDN, you name it. nothing worked.

    I then made a copy of the whole site, stripped every element out and eventually started removing data from each database table. It wasn’t until I cleared out the voteitup table wp_votes that the site started loading in 1-3 seconds!

    I had the MostVotedAllTime() function on the sidebar so every page being loaded was loading the plugin. The wp_votes table had 3,000 records in it, yet there were only about 10 votes across the whole site! Crazy.

    I’m going to drop the plugin and get one made from scratch!

    hope that helps someone out there…

    So you’re saying it’s the Widget that’s the problem? Or the whole Vote It Up Plugin? Should we look into alternatives… I got an email today from my host, saying that I have to remove my website in 3 days from their server, because I’m consuming excessive resources on their server. This is what they said.

    We regret to say that database ‘indiespot’ is currently consuming excessive resources on our servers which causes our server to degrade its performance affecting all other customers database driven sites that are hosted on this server. The database/tables/queries statistical information’s are provided below:

    Database Name: indiespot

    AVG Queries / logged / killed
    53114/ 4/ 0

    Hi MisaGarcia,

    Actually it was only the MostVotedAllTime() function within the plugin. I still use the plugin on my site (look here for an example and it causes no problems at all. It was just the function that displayed the top Votes for the whole site. I had that on the sidebar and it must have been running through the whole ‘Votes’ table on every page load – but in a very inefficient way.

    My hosting company actually looked into it at the time and couldn’t find the problem. If they didn’t spot that, than at least I don’t have to worry about them kicking me off for excessive usage. Try searching through your code for the above function. If you can’t find it loading on your page, you must have some other problem with your database.

    Hope that helps…


    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the response. I ended up removing just the MostvotedAllTime() widget from the sidebar and it talked to the hosting company and they have confirmed that queries have gone back to normal, I should be ok. I’m still using the plugin to accept votes, however I did notice another problem.

    I’m using the voting system for posts, because of this video contest I’m currently running. One of the submitted videos to the contest went viral and has gotten about about 2100 votes or so. (I read that the technical limit is about 8000) I had the plugin setup so it accept guests votes, however, after about 1992 guests votes, the plugin stopped working properly, but it was strange. On the post that had received a lot of votes, it was no longer saving guests votes, ( but it was still keep track of votes on all other pages just fine. I noticed that if I didn’t allow guest votes and people had to be logged in, then it would continue accepting votes even on the post that had all the votes.

    I left the registration requirement option on, so that at least we can continue accepting votes, ’till the end of the contest period, but I would still like to continue to accept guest voting if possible. Have you ever encounter a problem like this with the plugin? Do you know if there’s a way to refresh it or something, without losing the current votes per post? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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