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    Hi all,

    I’ve installed the plugin “Vote it up” on my site ( )
    When different people vote up a post, it does not get displayed as the totalled-up amount.

    Any clue on how to fix this?


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  • matstillo


    This plugin isn’t working for me either. In my case it seems to be because it expects a root folder installation of WordPress, whereas I have WordPress files kept in their own folder, called ‘wordpress’

    This means that the plugin is trying to call all the required files for the wrong location, eg:

    When in fact, they are all stored here:

    I’ve been able to hard code the correct paths to the files in the header, but the voting button still uses a bit of javascript which also looks for files in a root wordpress install. It means that although I now get the vote counter displaying, and the vote management page does list any content containing the voting code, it will not actually record any counts.

    Until I can tell the plugin that it is not where it thinks it is, I’m not sure what I can do! Part from look for another basic voting plugin, but I’m not having much luck there either!

    Does it look like you might be having the same problem? Hopefully we can get it cracked!





    Might have sorted it for my own problem, hopefully it will fix yours too!

    I Found this post here:

    where it points you towards changing the actual wordpress url used for the plugin, rather than the site url. In my version of vote-it-up, it was on line 57. As he mentions in the link above, I cahnged

    $edir = get_bloginfo('url')."/".$edir;


    $edir = get_bloginfo('wpurl')."/".$edir;

    It is now working and recording counts for me, although I’m sure I’ve bust something else further down the line! If anyone sees a problem with what I’ve done, I’d be grateful for the feedback!

    Seems odd that it isn’t a bigger deal, I thought putting WordPress in its own folder was a common practice?



    Hi Mat,

    For me this solved it too. Great. Thanks for the tip!




    No worries!

    Of course now I’m having trouble with other parts of the plugin! Can’t see to find a way to test it properly, because as soon as you post one vote, it blocks you for making any more votes! Does it seem as though it is set up to only let you vote on one thing as well? I must have it configured incorrectly somewhere?



    Hi Mat,

    It makes sense that you can only vote one’s on a blog post. Otherwise you can “up” your own post through the roof.

    For me it seems to work. I can vote from my Mac and iPhone. It keeps adding the votes.

    If you’d like me to vote for yours let me know (just to see if it actually adds the votes).


    I’m havin’ problems with my Vote It Up plug in also…

    Let me explain. I’m having a small video contest on my website:
    one of the video someone submitted went viral and has been getting a lot of votes over the past couple of days, everything was going fine, but today it seems the vote counter got stuck at 1992

    I did a couple of tests and noticed that if I voted while I was signed in to the website, as an admin or reader, I could vote and it keeps track fine, but when I’m not logged in, and I’m only a guest to the website, then those votes don’t get counted. I looked into it further, and of course, most votes submitted where from guests, so it was working for a long while, but it seems like now it has stopped accepting guests votes, for this particular entry:

    I read in the plugin page that it has a technical limit of about 8000 votes from guests, which we are far from getting there, so I don’t see why I’m having this issue. Apparently a lot of people at the moment are trying to cast their vote for this one entry and they are not able to do it, so needless to say, we are getting a lot of angry people asking what the problem is. We’re gonna start getting death threats soon.

    If anyone has had a problem like this before and has a solutions, please help us out here, we would really appreciate it. Is there a way to refresh this, will re-installing the plug-in erase all our current votes? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Some Tech Specs:

    PHP Version: 5.2.17
    WP Version: 3.2.1
    Active Theme: Video Flick 2.4
    URLOpen Method: curl

    Plugin Version: 2.66

    AdRotate 3.6.4
    Akismet 2.5.3
    Disqus Comment System 2.66
    Requirements Check 0.6
    Simple Post Thumbnails 1.5
    Simple Video Embedder 2.2
    Vote It Up 1.2.2

    How do I echo the amount of counts after someone has voted?

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