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  • Hi – I really like this plugin and have started using it on my site. Thanks very much for sharing it.

    I have some feedback around some features I’d really like to see included.

    1. On the post/page view, I am using the % view so the VoteItUp box displays the number of people who have voted positively on that post/page. However it does not show the total number of votes and I think that would be extremely useful to ascertain the scale of what is being voted on. For example, “67% of voters [agree] based on X votes” where [agree] is configurable and X is the total number of votes.

    2. On the “Most Voted Posts” Widget, the voting count seems to be a variance from 0 (ranked by number of votes). It’s not clear which way is for and which way is against on a particular vote. Would it be possible to mimic the functionality I mention in my first point per post included in this widget (e.g. “67% of voters [agree] based on X votes”).

    3. When displaying the voting buttons, the “Name of Positive Votes” and the “Name of Negative Votes” (e.g. “Yes/No”) are very close together. Would it be possible to put these a little further apart? I tried using spaces in the configuration but it seems to strip out the spaces. I’m a little concerned people may vote the wrong way by mistake.

    4. Finally, it would be a really good feature if you could display posts where the current % vote is between a certain range (e.g. From 40% – 60%). The idea here is that certain posts may be dividing people and therefore are typically quite interesting. As such I’d like to be able to highlight them in a widget where you can set the range.

    Hopefully some of these suggestions could be incorporated in future versions.

    Thank you very much again – this is a really excellent plugin.


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