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    I wrote this more out of curiosity and as an academic exercise rather than with a clear intention of what I wanted to do. But I think the final outcome is productive and could be used by almost any user (with or without the knowledge of Amazon product advertising API).
    There’s only a limited number of options. If you go through the code, you’ll find that there’s room for a lot more flexibility. I’ll try to work on these if time permits. But since this is being done more out of personal interest, I might stop work if I get bored ;).
    Please feel free to report any bugs you find and ask for features that you’d like to see. I’ll definitely take more interest in the work if I see that it’s serving a purpose.
    This is my first WordPress plugin. So be a bit patient with it.

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  • This plugin is exactly what I was looking for!

    When I run the script I get- Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/****/public_html/*****.com/wp-content/plugins/vivamazon/vivamazon_admin.php on line 303

    Any ideas on what would cause this?

    Also is there a way to have a custom buy button?

    I cant get it to work with my id and the drop down for index is blanks so cant select an index so it auto put the makers id in so watch out if you use it make sure you check the link for your id not steamsigs07-20. Dont want commissions to got to WRONG person! If it is just me sry but people should know to check it anyways

    Also In the readme.txt it says to comment out 5 lines and un comment out the 6th if curl is not used on server but there are 6-7 that are for curl and the one to uncomment is like the 7-8th very confusing and took me a while to get it right so it gives not errors and makes posts

    It also says it needs “AWS key pair” from amazon but the setting ask for “AMazon id”” and “Amazon key” so it should not be key pairs but id and Amazon key.
    I ike the plugin but just wish it would work for me! Will keep trying to figure it out

    Dang I guess all the Amazon plugins are crap because I tried three diff ones and no matter what I set for secret key, public key, key pair ect they just stick someone elses id in so they can make a few bucks off our labors so I will just do it all manulaay. If i had done that wasy from the begining I’d be done and it would all be working now. THANKS ANYWAY!

    I got it working. I thought the ID was my affiliate ID so I put the key in the ID slot and the Secret key in the key slot and it worked. As givesuccess pointed out there is not option to update the affiliate Id or Tag.
    I searched the code and found where to change it. It is in vivamanzon_admin.php just replace steamsigs07-20 with your ID here:

    $item_url .=”/tag=steamsigs07-20

    I don’t know the line number it it is more than half way down. It would be helpful if there was an option in the settings to do this.

    I thought of that too but when I changed it to my id in php the links show my id but they fail Amazons link check and my own clicks on the links dont register at Amazon. I waited 2 days and they dont show.
    Are your clicks showing up in amazon? Maybe it is my vps server. But never had probs b4 w/any plugin. AMazon Autoposter worked before things changed causing it not to work now unless I pay 4 Pro.

    Thanks acshun

    You’re right, the clicks are showing up. macroman said this is his first plugin so this could just be a bug. I really think the plugin has potential and if the clicks worked properly I would love it.

    Another bug is the category isn’t saved or published when it is posted or at least for me.

    I am not using it now so from memory I thought the catgry had to be already made then selectec from a drop down list. Try to make the cat first. I dont think it was supposed to create the catecory for you. Also u could go in and change the whole link to a manually created link/url to each items page on amazon. It would defeat the purpose of the plugin but it might work better/right then. I hate doing each post myself because it takes a while especialy if one hase many to do. I have tried VIvamazon, Amazon pip, and amazon autoposter (old and dont work) but none worked for me. I hope one gets easier to use or fixed so we can use and save time. I am hoping Amazon will make thier own plugin for WordPress like they did for sites. I would use it.

    The drop down is for Amazon categories and that worked. The problem was with my categories. I checked the box and saved, but it said keyword save twice instead of category saved. Then it would post them in uncategorized.

    I hope macroman can fix it.

    Ok yes the drop dn is for “Prod. Index” witch was the categories on Amazon. From MEmory i think mine went into the right cat, but I had it made ahead of time then selected it. Even so that would be easy to go thru and put into right cat. My biggest concern is the id in the url/link not changing to mine even tho it makes post. It would give someone else the comission for sale and that is the whole purpose of it is for us to make $$. If it is not working then it should default to NO id and say ” No id useed” or something instead of jammimg in the wrong id for some one else. I am going to install it again on a test wp install and have another go at it in a day or 2. This got me thinking about it again…lol. Maybe we can figure it all out. Also to make sure it is not just me/us. I tried it on a multisite subdomain of WP so I will try on a non sud single wp install this time. It could be the sub/multi thing for me.

    It would also be sweet if it would make the tags for each item too like the old AMAzon autoposter used to do before it went to a paid thing.

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