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  • Resolved Graham Armfield


    This is an extremely powerful plugin – thanks very much.

    I’m considering using it on a site for clients where there is a definite web accessibility requirement and they need a couple of online forms to collect information from people.

    I’d say that the accessibility level of the output from this plugin is generally good and many of the form elements produced are successfully voiced by screen readers such as NVDA and JAWS. However in some of the fields types the voicing is not so successful – I’m thinking of the address block for example. Here, just small tweaks to the output would improve the accessibility no end. There are others.

    I understand that I could probably get under the bonnet and tweak these things myself but I wonder if you’d be prepared to make some changes in a future release that would enhance the accessibility.

    Thanks once again for a superb plugin.


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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro



    What kind of tweaks to the Address block are needed for accessibility?

    @mmuro thanks for getting back…

    The labels are present for each of the input fields that make up the address block but they are not linked to the input fields explicitly using the id of the input field. You have done this explicit linkage in other places – eg the email address field.

    Screen readers use the labels to prompt for the input.

    A similar issue concerns the time fields where the labels are not explicitly linked. You have a further problem here in that you have multiple inputs with the same id.

    I notice that the fieldsets generated have no accompanying legend tag. The legend is another useful accessibility feature which helps screen readers set the context for a group of input fields.


    Plugin Author Matthew Muro



    Ah, good catch on the Address and Time fields. I’ll be sure to fix that for the next version.

    The IDs are generated based on field names, so if they are the same it’s from what a user is doing. I’ll look at improving this so it doesn’t crop up.

    On the legend, there’s a reason I’m not using one. Cross browser CSS rendering for the legend element just plain sucks. So, I’m kinda faking it so I can get it to look the same (or close enough) on each browser. You can blame IE on this one, really.

    I’m sorry it’s not that great on the accessibility front, but I figure having the form fields accessible is of greater importance.

    Thanks for the feedback!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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