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  • acekin


    In looking at the “Who has been online” reports, I am trying to understand the meaning of “Visit”. What exactly does that count? The visits to my site as reported by other statistics software including Google Analytics do not report anywhere near as the sum of the “Visits” on Who’s been online report. Could the author clarify the metric please.


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  • Mike Challis


    A Visit is a click from unique IP address. Considered inactive after 5 minutes. Considered no longer visiting after 15 minutes. If they comeback, the visit is incremented.
    The history is only stored for 30 days by default.
    All of these timers can be adjusted in settings.



    Thanks Mike.

    I see under visits column from one IP, as a single entry a large number, say anywhere from a few to 150-200. That is what confuses me, these numbers show when the bots are hidden. I will also see from one place in China, say xxx.yyy.zzz. and the last octet being different. There will be a few dozen entries each registering a considerable number. I will be happy to sent you some screen captures if that will help. None of these numbers seem to affect the Google statistics or the other stats I use on my site. Could these visits be actually bots but disguised for some reason as ordinary visitors? But then, why would those numbers not add up to the total visits elsewhere, or at least a closer figure?

    A suggestion for future releases, if I may: when bots are shown, the total number of items shown on each page remains constant. When bots are hidden, could that be kept the same? On some pages there will be no visitors at all. Also, on a large monitor a longer page is perfectly tolerable but I could not find a way to adjust the number of line items to list in the reports.

    Thank you for a nice piece of software.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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