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  • Today the wp said I should get the Maxmind GeoLiteCity database. Whenever I click to allow this it shows a screen that says “Download started, (counting megs)(1)”.

    After this nothing happens, no matter how long I’ve given the download to happen. Now the visitor map doesn’t appear anymore on my website.

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  • Yea, same issue here. Lost it on one WP install and cannot install on a new setup.

    I am guessing and Maxmind’s server is just over loaded.

    Got old install to update once by doing it in the middle of the night. That makes me think their server is overloaded at times.

    I cannot duplicate the problem.

    Is your web server on a web host, or are you running this from home?
    home connections may time out because the file that has to download is 30 meg. If you are on a web host, it could be that Maxmind server is overloaded or your connection to it is temporarily slow or blocked.

    If the geolite database errors trying to download, the server’s PHP
    settings could be the cause. Possible reasons: PHP safe_mode could be
    enabled, you should turn it off. allow_url_fopen could be disabled, you
    should turn it on.

    If you can, edit your PHP.ini file (usually located in /etc/php.ini or
    the root folder of your web site) and make sure these two settings are
    like this: safe_mode = Off, allow_url_fopen = On

    The geolite database is really just a 30 meg file. As a workaround,
    you can manually download the GeoLiteCity.dat.gz file from this URL,
    unzip it and upload GeoLiteCity.dat to the /plugins/visitor-maps/
    folder. The GeoLiteCity.dat file is the database for the location from
    IP feature. If the file is missing, the blog should function fine.
    When the file is not installed, the location information for a user is

    Thanks for explaining Mike, nice to actually here from the author!

    I had the plugin working on a site and then it just stopped. Will contact my host and ask them what changes they made. Know I did not make any.

    The other new site in question is on Hostagator, will ask them to reference this thread to help on that one.

    Also thanks for pointing out the manual way.


    One note Mike: manually downloading the file, on a Fios fiber and the download is creeping along at 29.4 KB/sec and says 7 minutes to complete.

    Not sure any shared host is going to let the plugin execute that long.


    @texasbiz – I am having the same issue. At first I thought Maxmind was simply overwhelmed with requests so, I tried the same thing you did and attempted to download the file manually from my server which has a 1gig Ethernet connection… after 15+ minutes I downloaded the entire file BUT, it is not in a format that can be simply imported into MySQL so, that was a waste a time as well…

    Please let me know if you ever get this to update successfully, or if there is a way to manually update the database, that will work as well…

    Hi rsgrone, you do not have to import to mysql.

    Unzip what you have downloaded and place it in your plugin (visitor-maps) folder. The file you place in there should be “GeoLiteCity.dat”

    Works fine for me like that.

    Mike has done a wonderful job with his plugins. So DONATE to him so he can continue to provide them and bandwidth for the GEO plugin:)


    Oh thanks!!! it is a great plugin and I have it running on four sites…

    I downloaded the GeoLite install successfully through Admin panel, took some 15 minutes to download. I use VPS.
    Works like a charm!
    Thanks to creator Mike Challis!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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