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  • Hi,

    For some reason, I can’t see the stats reporting in the front end, whether it’s using widget or short code. All I see is a message ‘Visitor Map geolocation has been disabled’. I do intend to disable geolocation because all I want to see is the number of visitors online right now.
    Initially, I thought I didn’t enabled the plugin, but it turns out that I can see the stats in the back end, but not the front end.

    The options that I have enabled in the settings are:
    Combine guests and members on widgets so they are only shown as visitors.
    enable pop up of IP address information when clicked on
    enable IP address lookup


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  • I will look at the code, see what I can do.

    Please try the updated visitor map files I emailed you.
    I fixed the code so if you disable the geolocation setting then none of the maps will show, but the stats will.
    Also I added a new setting “Enable visitor map on Visitor Map shortcode page” you can uncheck if you want to have maps in the dashboard but not in the public side.

    Does it work like you want now?
    Let me know and I will make this a new version update.


    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the fix, it’s working great.


    PS: is there a shortcode for who’s online, because I think I used the visitor-maps shortcode and that’s why I didn’t get the stats to be visible.


    I can only get the stats to show only when I use the ‘show stats at blog footer’ option. If I used shortcode at the blog footer, it doesn’t show anything. Why is that?


    some themes do not have working shortcode in the footer.
    I remember you did not want maps but do want stats, so you can use the visitor maps shortcode in a page and turn off the map in settings. Then it will show just the stats. Disabling geolocation also turns off all maps.

    Hi Mike,

    I edited the theme directly and used the ‘do_shortcode(‘[visitor-maps]’)’ function to explicitly bring out the shortcode. In this case, could this really be a problem with the theme?


    I just tested by running the shortcode in a post, it didn’t show up either. Right now, I can’t even see the Who’s Online widget, it doesn’t seem to be available.

    I updated the plugin to its latest version, and now I can see the stats not just from the backend, but with the widget as well. However, I’m still not able to use it in a shortcode format. I edited the theme file directly and placed this line:
    <?php $code = '[visitor-maps]'; echo do_shortcode($code); ?>

    But it still didn’t show up. I really don’t understand why doesn’t the shortcode work.


    Try it in a page. You might not be able to make it work in a footer.

    Here is a help page from my contact form that covers the topic of troubleshooting shortcode in WordPress.

    Problem: The form does not display, shortcode does not work

    Hi, I would like a widget that integrate the map and tell me the total visits for that last 24 hours or the time I want. (like This information is visible in the dashboard but I don’t see how to integrate it in a widget. I found the link to the map but it is more fun to see the map directly in the site. Thank you!

    Hi Mike,

    I tried to place it in a page, still didn’t work though.


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