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  1. malq
    Posted 4 years ago #

    After latest upgrade youtube videos added with "long link" generates the following: [ERROR: Unable to parse URL, check for correct YouTube format] See it here: http://mlt.famlun.se/2012/03/vinnaren/

    If added with youtube "short link" it will display correctly like this: http://mlt.famlun.se/2012/04/googles-project-glass/


  2. Jon Jennings
    Posted 4 years ago #

    malq - I suspect you might have hit the same issue that I have

    If you have the text "youtu.be" anywhere in your URL then the plugin thinks the URL is using the YouTube shortcode and assumes it's structured with "http://youtu.be" at the beginning - but YouTube URLs can include those characters as a parameter. By changing your URLs to actually use the shortcode you've stepped around the bug :-)

  3. dsraup
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm a WordPress newbie not a developer and greatly appreciate some help in plain English. I've got an urgent deadline to get my initial Youtube channel video posted as an imbedded video player.

    I think Alex's plugin is what I need after searching and trying several others with no luck to get it to show up or even how to find it after installation.

    I've installed this, clicked on activate. I see Video quicktags listed in settings. I've kept all the default settings.
    However, I can't find how to get it started, or where to find the screenshots I see on his site to select how the actual url video post appears.

    Here are my specific for your background:
    1) YouTube URL link: http://youtu.be/cikPUmoyFf0. That's why this post caught my eye but unsure what/how the shortcode vs. longcode choice is accessed and what it means?

    I don't think I can change my URL's as suggested because they are generated by Youtube after you upload.

    2) I am using the Graphene Theme. Perhaps there's a master coding change that needs to be done. It's strange that none of the post popular and easy to use Video play plugins I've tried don't get recognized. There's got to be something wrong with my theme.

    3) I'm currently trying to imbed a video on a static page, not a post, not a sidepbar.

    4) Can I select which image shows up on the thumbnail? If not, can you recommend a video player plug in that will meet the above requirements?

    Many many thanks!


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