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  • Hello, so far I have really enjoyed using your service for both posting YouTube and videos uploaded to my server. However, very recently YouTube has switched to a short url for their videos. It’s still possible to work around and get access to the “original” url, but if you try to put in the new short url into your plugin, you get an error.

    Will there be support for the new short urls in the future?


    Youtube now gives you: (which doesn’t work in your plugin)

    You have to find the original url – (this will work)

    The reason I ask is part of the reason for this solution is I have a large staff, some of which are not comfortable with complicated embeds or anything like that. Having to paste the code youtube gives you into a new window in order to get the code for the plugin is a step I’d prefer to avoid in the future, if possible.

    Thanks so much.

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  • I’d like to see this too!


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    Yes the new YouTube shortcut is not supported by the plugin (I cant even do a simple code embed at the moment). In addition it renders old embeds into a snapshot linking back to the video on YouTube site. In other words it’s no longer an embed.

    Also Google is shutting down Google Video at the end of this month.

    has this problem been solved with the you tube url yet having same problem I can figure out the address to put in but my other users of the blog .. is having trouble posting videos ..

    Yep, same here. Very annoying issue.

    Several weeks ago when my bloggers clicked “Share” on a video’s individual Youtube page, it started giving us the shortened URL, which is not supported by this Viper plugin we use. So I instructed them to begin grabbing a video’s Share link after finding the video in its *channel* view. But now, the link is the shortened there as well. Ends up that just using the URL from the top URL bar works fine, but I don’t trust this as a permanent solution. Some information on when this compatibility issue will be worked out would be appreciated.



    I want a plugin that can take multiple IDs at once.

    like this

    [video]sjdijfxj, djisjdkjsdk, sdjijdkjdk[/video]

    and it displays in sequential. I know it can be done with youtube playlist but when you have thousands posts like this, if your youtube account gets wacked. it’s game over

    so far i have seen one website is able to achieve this without using youtube playlist. I think youtube API has something that shows how, but I can’t figure it out – yet.

    To anyone still searching for a fix for this I have some code you can use. I won’t say it is perfect but will say it works for us. Open the vipers-video-quicktags.php file and replace lines 2839 to 2844 with the following:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]


    Heeey, where is the code???

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